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How to Fold Women’s Underwear (Step-by-step photos + video)

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Today I’m going to teach you the best ways there is to fold all types of women’s underwear. Some types like g-strings and thongs can be a bit challenging the first few times, but you will get a hang of it really fast.

While we are at it, I’m also going to teach you how to properly fold all your bras. I have added videos and illustrations for all the folds we are going to learn together today.

Feel free to use the table of contents to skip ahead if you are looking for something in particular. Otherwise, I recommend that you go through the entire guide if you have some time.

How to Fold Briefs (to Save Space)

Folding Women's Underwear to Save Space (Briefs, Thongs, Strings, and Boxer Briefs)
See timestamp 2:29 for an example of how to fold your panties like the illustration below. The method at 4:45 is also great, but let’s stick to one method for now!

While there are many ways to fold I prefer focusing on folding them to save space as it only takes a few more seconds for each pair of undies.

The method you are going to learn today is the ranger roll. This fold is fantastic both for travel and for your underwear drawer.

In essence, all we do is wring the waistband inside out first, then fold in both sides of the panties 1/3 of the total width. One side will overlap the other. Then we roll the panties from the bottom up and wrap the inside-out section back over the panties to secure them into a neat little roll.

Practice a few times so you get the hang of it. I have added an infographic above in case you are unsure at any point what to do next.

I also have a guide on how to fold the rest of your clothes in ranger rolls that you can check out if you like this style of folding your clothes.

How to Fold Thongs and G-Strings

Panties and strings are by far the most difficult panties there is to fold. But there is a way that we can do it if you really want to.

Clever Trick for Folding Small Panties (Thongs and Strings)
  1. Place the thong with the backside up.
  2. Fold in 1/6 the width of the panties from both sides.
  3. Now fold both sides in one more time. The last fold should overlap the previous one.
  4. Fold the top of the panties down 1/4 the length of the panties.
  5. Fold the bottom up 1/4 the length of the panties twice.
  6. Now stuff the bottom inside the top layer of the top fold to secure the panties.

I recommend that you watch the video with examples for both g-strings and thongs to get a complete understanding of how to do this.

Once you have seen the video, try to practice a few times by following the illustrations below precisely. This is a tricky one, but once you get the feeling for it, you should be able to do it consistently after a few practice rounds.

I also made a guide for how to fold swimwear (bikinis and one-pieces) that you can check out.

How to Fold Padded Bras and Underwire Bras

Folding bras with underwires and/or padding is very fast, but we need to be very gentle with the bras so that we don’t damage them.

Generally, you will place them with the back facing up, close the clasps, and push both straps into the bra. From here you can fold in the sides and bottom in if needed. Otherwise, go ahead and fold the bra in half from side to side and store it in your dresser.

How to Fold Bras (With Padding or Underwire)

I added a video with examples for a sports bra with padding and a regular underwire bra for further explanation of how to properly fold your bras.

Putting your panties inside the bra before folding it in half with help keep sets organized, and will also support the structure of the bra. This is particularly useful for padded bras.

Did you know that I have a premium folding guide where I take you step-by-step through the process of organizing your dresser to save space?

How to Fold Sports Bras (to Save Space)

Sports bras can be folded in a variety of ways when they are not padded which is fantastic. I like to ranger roll them as the fabric is usually slippery.

This way the sports bra will be compacted down to a little roll, and it won’t come apart in your dresser or luggage.

  1. Place the sports bra with the back facing up, and flip the bottom inside out.
  2. From here put the shoulder straps into the bra to get them out of the way.
  3. Now, fold both sides in 1/3 of the total width of the sports bra. The second fold should overlap the first.
  4. Roll the bra up from the bottom and flip the inside-out section over the roll to secure it.
3 Ways to Fold Sports Bras (to Save Space)
I added a timestamp for when I ranger rolled the sports bra in the video, but feel free to watch the entire thing if you are interested in learning more ways to fold your sports bras.

Below, you will find my step-by-step infographic for how to ranger roll your sports bras. This fold can be tricky on sports bras as the fabric tends to be so slippery, but if you practice a bit you will master it in no time.

Feel free to print out these infographics for later reference, or to pin them to your boards on Pinterest.

As I mentioned above, feel free to check out my guide on how to fold the rest of your clothes to save space. I also have individual guides on how to for example fold your tights and stockings too.

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