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What Clothes Goes in Drawers? (Expert Explains)

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Drawers are an essential item in any home. They provide storage space for clothes, linens, and other household items. However, if you have a lot of clothes or many drawers to fill, it can be challenging to decide what goes where!

As a general rule of thumb, you should place accessories, socks, t-shirts, pajamas, underwear, and hosiery in drawers. Bulkier items that take up too much space are better stored using hangers.

However, knowing what to store in drawers and how to keep the items organized are two different things. This blog post will help you figure out which type of clothing should go in each drawer so that your wardrobe is well organized and easy to access. So, let’s get this show on the road, shall we?

Which Clothes Should You Put in Drawers?

You’ve purchased all of the necessary drawers to keep your clothing organized, and you’re over the moon with excitement to start putting them together. But that’s only half of the battle. Next comes deciding what goes where!

There is a method behind the madness. So before you begin hanging your clothes up or folding them neatly in drawers, you should know what goes where and how each type of drawer should be organized.

Let’s take a look at some suggestions for organizing different types of clothing items in drawers.

T-Shirts and Sleeveless Shirts

T-shirts are easy to place in drawers! Since they don’t have sleeves, it’s quite easy to keep everything neat. All you have to do is fold them in half and place one on top of the other, stacking them vertically until your drawer is full.

If you’re looking for a unique way to organize your T-shirts, then here’s an ingenious idea! To save on space, consider rolling your T-shirts and placing them inside the drawer. That way, they won’t take up so much room, and you can fit more of these rolled shirts in one place!

Learn to fold t-shirts here

Underwear and Socks

Another item of clothing that should go in drawers is underwear! Keep all of your underwear in its own drawer by folding each pair and placing it on top of the other. This is a great way to keep everything organized if you have more than one person living in your home since they can simply take what belongs to them from their personal dresser rather than digging through everyone else’s laundry.

If you don’t have a lot of storage space, consider having your underwear and socks in the same drawer. To keep it tidy, invest in some drawer dividers to keep the two items of clothing separate. Also, ensure you attach each pair of socks to avoid losing any.

Learn to fold underwear here


Pajamas should also go in a drawer, preferably one adjacent to your undergarments. The simplest way of keeping them organized is folding them in halves and stacking one on top of the other, so they take up less space.

If you wear pajama sets, it’s best to keep each set together to know which one is which without having to search through the drawer. Alternatively, keep the bottoms and tops separately so you can mix and match if necessary.

A Clever Way to Fold Pajamas (And how to store them)

Workout Clothing 

Drawers are also a perfect storage space for your workout clothing. If you’re a fitness buff, this means your sports bras and yoga pants can be neatly organized in one drawer or even compartmentalized into separate drawers if space is limited.

Besides, a separate drawer is a great way to keep your workout clothes separate from the rest of your wardrobe.

Clever Trick for Folding Gym Clothes


If you have a lot of hosiery, a separate drawer is ideal, so they don’t get all tangled up with the rest of your clothes. To prevent tagging and snagging, roll your stockings rather than folding them.

Folding Stockings & Pantyhose (to Save Space)


Don’t forget towels! Towels should also have a dedicated drawer so you can find them quickly. You may want to consider folding your towels and stacking them instead of laying them flat.

5 Beautiful Folds for Towels (What Spas and Hotels Do)

Handy Drawer Organization Tips

Now that you know where to put what, here are a few tips for keeping drawers organized:

Utilize Drawer Dividers

These provide structure and keep your clothes from slipping around. If you have larger items like towels or sweatshirts, don’t be afraid to use more than one divider in each drawer. This is especially helpful if the item doesn’t fit in the drawer exactly.

Dresser Organizing Tips #shorts

Categorize Clothes by Type and Use

When you put your clothes back after washing, don’t just throw them into a pile on top of each other or stuff them willy-nilly in drawers. Instead, organize items by type and use so that when you need to find something, you don’t have to ruin the organization by digging through piles to find what you need.

Use the Right Sized Drawers for Each Type of Clothing

It’s also crucial to make sure you use the right-sized drawers for each type of clothing. For instance, keep lingerie and intimates in smaller, shallow drawers because they take up less room than a towel or pile of t-shirts.

To make this all work correctly, it’s important to be realistic about what clothes fit where so that you can avoid having to move things often.

I have an entire guide you can check out to learn about folding your clothes perfectly.

Keep Your Drawers Fresh and Airy

The last thing to keep in mind is that you need to keep your drawers fresh and airy. This means making sure they aren’t jammed-packed full of items or clothing and ensuring that there’s some space between each item so that the drawer itself doesn’t get smelly over time. 

Get Organized Quickly

If you were wondering what clothes go in drawers, hopefully, this post has been helpful. Now that you have a better understanding of what clothes go into which drawer, it’s time to get busy putting them there. 

By following the steps above and using your best judgment, you’ll soon be able to keep all your clothes in their proper drawers and keep your house in order too. Now go on and put everything where it belongs!

Next, you can learn about how to hang your clothes properly. Or if you want a step-by-step guide to fold your clothes small, check out this guide I made for you with videos and illustrations.


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