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10 Ways to Hide a Big Butt (In Every Type of Clothing)

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Curvy body shape is in fashion. If you have a generous posterior, there is nothing wrong with flaunting it. But we understand not everyone likes to show off.

Some people are self-conscious about this part of their body if they feel it’s larger than their desired size. If you’re one of those people, you’re in the right place. 

This article will share with you ways to hide your big posterior, handy tips on choosing the right clothes, what to avoid, and more. Let’s get started.

How to Hide Your Big Butt

1. Seamless Knickers

Visible panty line, also known as VPL, is a huge problem for every female (and male!), but it is of particular concern for people with big butts. 

That is why if you want to hide your butt, VPL is something to hide at all costs. First, it draws attention to this part of your body and creates an unsightly double butt appearance. 

One way to beat this is to wear thongs or seamless knickers. But keep in mind that wearing undersized knickers is also one of the major causes of the VPL situation. 

So even with seamless knickers, you want to go for the correct size. As a precaution, you can even opt for one size higher. 

For example, if you wear pants size 10, look for kickers size 12. That way, you can deflect attention from this part of your body.

2. Draw Attention to the Tops

Detailed tops can shift attention away from the big bum and to the upper part of your body. The great thing with detailed tops is their versatility. 

Other than drawing attention away from the bum, they still can flatter your body figure bringing out the best of you. 

If you know where to shop for them, you can have a huge load of varieties to choose from. These can range from bold prints to large pockets and open necklines. 

There is a wide variety to choose from, and these are just to mention a few.

Additionally, when it comes to picking these tops, you need to proceed with caution, especially with long tops. Anything that reaches up to the waist or below does not favor big-bummed people. 

And the reason is when tops are hugging around the bum it creates undue attention to this section. Furthermore, it makes it look bigger. The rule of thumb is to go for tops that are above the hips.

3. Rock a Midi Dress


Midi is a versatile dress that works out fine with most body shapes. To put it into the picture, a midi length is considered to be any dress two inches below the knees and slightly above the ankles.

The great thing with midi length is it covers the waist and the below waist section without the special highlight on the bum alone. 

The key is to emphasize the waist while the lower part of the dress or skirt flows out with a wider hemline.

And the best part is, it is a perennial and terrific dressing style because it works with most body figures. So you do not have to worry about dressing in something that is out of sync with the current fashion trends.

A also wrote a guide on how to keep the shoulders of your dress from sliding off that may interest you.

4. Hide It With an A-Line Silhouette

A-line silhouette is the right dressing style for large-sized bums. With a narrow waist, wider hips, and a bust line, there is no way the posterior section of your body will stick out. 

For an even better look, go for high rise style. With the waist sitting a few inches above the navel, the highlight of the bum section is camouflaged.

5. Wear Wrap Dresses

The wrap dress is a stylish, perennial fashion design that is not about to die soon. Since it was popularized in the ’50s, it has always been in vogue. 

And the reason is, it fits perfectly almost with every body shape, and even better for the big bummed women.

The wrap-around style encompasses the entire mid and the lower part of the body without emphasizing the bum area only. 

And the best part is it creates a flattering hourglass figure, even for people whose theirs may not come out naturally.

6. Wear Shoulder-Padded Dresses

Naturally, most women do not have broad shoulders, which means, in contrast to narrow shoulders, having a big bum exaggerates its appearance. 

With shoulder-padded dresses, your shoulders appear broader, matching the larger butts. This creates a square structure that works great to distract the attention from the butts area to the entire body structure.

7. Employ Empire Cut Waistline Styles

Empire cut refers to a cut that falls under the bust line and drapes out downwards. This sort of style creates a long, slim image on the wearer. 

By doing so, it focuses the attention on the bust and less on the posterior section of your body. This is a versatile style with a wide range of variations to divert attention. 

For instance, you can use innovative necklines such as V-neck, turtleneck, or halter tops. Not to mention the various designs of short and long sleeves and hemline lengths. 

All this accentuates the upper part while matching with the lower part of your body without placing undue attention on the posterior section.

8. Straight-Cut Pants

Wearing pants is also one of the ways you can hide big bums. Not all types of pants, though. The best is the straight cut or those tapered outwards, making the legs look wider. 

In addition, you should consider those with high waistlines as they are known not to accentuate the posterior parts of the body.

9. Shirt-Wear Dresses

Shirt dresses are excellent for hiding big butts. In case you’ve not seen them yet, they resemble the men’s shirt in design; collar, button front, and sometimes cuffed sleeves. 

However, unlike your usual shirts, they flow below the waist all the way to around the knees region to form a dress. Shirt dresses are excellent in hiding big butts as they are not clingy, so they do not show the butt curves. 

You can make it even more exciting by throwing in some glammy neckwear for effect.

10. Wear Kimonos

Kimonos may have originated from Japan as a traditional dress, but its use has since spread worldwide. Kimonos are versatile dresses that can be adapted for all types of occasions and weather. 

To use it to cover a big butt, you can either wear it on its own or over other types of dresses. Either way, it perfectly covers the butts section and prevents it from sticking out.

Hacks for Choosing the Best Clothes for Big Bums

Other than the clothes types, there are certain hacks you can use to get the best clothes for big butts. 

These are the same ones used by the majority of our popular personalities to create that flawless look, even when they’ve large posterior parts.

Choose the Right Fabric

Every fabric type has its properties that may not fit the body of big-bottomed people. Some synthetic fabrics tend to be clingy or bulky. 

For example, dresses or skirts made of spandex tend to cling to your skin and exaggerate the size of the derriere, which is not what you want. Instead, wear best-fitting, and not tight, or skin-hugging ones.

Look For Bright-Colored Tops

Bright-colored tops with lots of flowers, patterns, and embroidered necklines, captured the attention, deflecting the attention from the bums.

In addition, you can use conflicting colors for the lower parts of the body. Play with colors to see what comes out best. 

In general dark colors such as black, gray, and navy blue are wonderful for creating an impression of a slender figure.

What to Avoid When Looking For Ways to Hide Big Butts

1. Avoid Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are loved by most people for accentuating most people’s body shape and helping in bringing out the hourglass figure. 

But this is not a good fit if you want to hide your plus-size posterior. Skinny jeans taper in at the ankle area and widen upwards towards the hips highlighting this section. 

Indeed, this is not the appropriate appearance for someone looking to hide big butts. But if you love skinny jeans, you do not have to discard them entirely. 

A win-win way is to wear dark-colored ones with brighter-colored tops to divert attention from the bum while still highlighting your desirable figure.

More on the difference between slim fit and tapered fit here.

2. Long Jackets Are Not Your Friend

If you want to avoid getting attention on your butts, this is another one you want to avoid. Long jackets and blazers bulge around the hips and the butt area, making them look even more prominent than usual. 

Instead, wear tops that are above the mid of your bums, with the ideal position being slightly below the waist. Better yet, you can experiment with cropped jackets that draw attention to your waist.

3. Avoid Baggy Clothes

Wearing baggy clothes may not show the curves on your butt. Nonetheless, they should be avoided as they make the butt look bigger than it is. The key is to wear clothes that are not clingy or oversize.

4. Keep off Low Waist Pants

Wearing low-waist pants is something you want to avoid as much as possible. Such pants may not only be tight but may also be hard to keep in place as they tend to ride downwards. 

And this becomes even trickier if you are wearing a short, stretchy top too. This means as the pants ride downwards, the top is stretching upwards. 

This makes it hard to keep this area covered, making it even easier to draw more attention to the big bum.

5. Keep off Certain Patterns

Avoid certain forms and patterns in the lower part of your body. Flowers, embellishments, embroideries, and pleats will draw the same attention you’re trying to avoid. Instead, go for plain colors.

6. High Heels

While high heels may make you look taller and probably thinner, this doesn’t help in hiding the size of the butt. In fact, high heels make your butts perkier, as the heels push your posterior upwards. 

This makes the butts appear more pronounced, which is what you want to avoid. In contrast, flat shoes make your posterior appearance flatter.

7. Yoga Pants

Yoga pants and leggings, in general, are clingy to the skin and will not hide your big butt. On the contrary, they make your butts look bigger. 

So yoga pants are a no if you’re self-conscious about your big butts. But if you must wear it, you can wear shorts on top, to reduce the curvy appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Stop Your Butts From Growing Bigger?

To reduce the size of your butt, you need to do exercises that work on the butt muscles. According to experts, the most effective methods include doing squats and lunges. 

In addition, you need to add cardio exercise to burn butt fats. Examples of cardio include jumping rope, swimming, cycling, or any heart-pumping exercise.

Can Walking Reduce My Butt Size?

Walking is quite an effective method of reducing your butt size and saving yourself the trouble of trying to hide it. Regular brisk walking is an effective method of burning calories. 

And since big butts mainly consist of fats, lots of walking can help in reducing it. For example, always look for an opportunity to walk rather than take a bus or drive to and from work. 

Alternatively, you can take even strolls and get the same results.

Why Do Heels Make Your Bum Look Bigger?

High heels make your butts look bigger since it makes your pelvis bend forward while arching the back a bit. Consequently, the bum is pushed back, making it protrude out more and look bigger. 

This looks great when you’ve got an average-size booty. But if yours is a big booty you want to hide, definitely this is not for you.

I also wrote a COMPREHENSIVE guide on keeping your other body parts from showing through your clothes. Feel free to check it out next.

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