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How to STOP Skirts From Falling Down (Quick Tips)

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To all my skirt-wearing ladies out there: I feel your pain when you’re self-conscious about wearing a skirt and afraid that it might fall down!

Generally, you want to add additional friction around your waist; tucking your skirt into your shirt, wearing a belt, skinny clips, or even a slip are all great options. Using hairspray or dryer sheets are common home remedies, but they should be used sparingly.

For the rest of this article, we will dive into detail on how you can keep your skirt up properly.

So there’s no need to feel anxious, and there’s definitely no need to pack away your skirts! You can feel at ease being hands-free while wearing your favorite skirt without constantly fidgeting!

It may not seem like it, but falling skirts, skirts riding up, skirts flying up, and constantly adjusting your skirt waistband are common!

Not all skirts fit correctly, even if they’re in your size. There’s no need to worry! It’s not you; it’s the skirt! Many clever and simple hacks and tips can help stop skirts from falling and keep them in place!

Tuck Your Skirt

A woman is tucking her skirt for increased friction.

The simplest of ways to stop your skirt from falling down is as simple as tucking in your shirt or blouse to help hold your skirt up! It may seem too easy to be accurate, but in all honesty, it is!

Your shirt or blouse can help fill up the space that may cause your skirt to fall down or move around. There are no hacks needed, no products need to be used, and no headaches!

Wear a Belt

Another simple tip in preventing your skirt from falling down is to use a belt! Utilizing a belt by wrapping it around your skirt will help keep it in place and make you feel more secure. Don’t worry. You don’t need to use any holes in the belt to utilize it effectively!

The following helpful way to prevent you from having a falling skirt fiasco is simply by wearing shorts underneath your skirt! It’s as easy as can be!

Boy shorts and spandex shorts are your best bet. They’re comfortable, basic, breathable, and can save you from embarrassment! Also, don’t forget to get colors like black, white, and nude to match all your skirts seamlessly!

Woman securing her skirt with a belt

Wear a Slip

I know it might seem outdated or old school, but using a slip is really helpful! Back in the day, slips were used all the time for skirts and dresses, and honestly, it’s still a genius idea!

Getting your hands on a slip is a lifesaver! If you can’t find slips anywhere, try shopping online for some or even thrifting them!

Depending on how long your skirt is, getting a long enough slip to cover you and under your skirt properly can be a huge help! It’s important to note that when looking for a slip, you want to purchase one that won’t be noticeable under your skirt and one that won’t cling to your skirt either!


Shapewear is also helpful in protecting yourself from your skirt falling. Shapewear is excellent for those tight-fitted or body con-type skirts since it’s meant to hug your body.

In addition, you won’t have to worry about your skirt falling, especially with shapewear under form-fitting skirts, since it’s meant to be worn together!

Dryer Sheets to Keep Your Skirt Up

The first hack I would suggest to stop your skirt from falling is with a household item pretty much everyone has, dryer sheets! Yes, the same dryer sheets you use when drying your laundry in your dryer!

Of course, this hack only works if you’re wearing tights under your skirt. But it’s super easy to use!

First, you need to get a dryer sheet and rub it between the skirt and the tights touch. Then, depending on the length of your skirt, you can rub the dryer sheets in that area where the tights and skirt meet.

It’s also a good idea for you to put a couple of dryer sheets in a ziplock bag and carry it with you in your bag just in case!

Hairspray Will Also Help Keep Your Skirt Up

Another hack I would recommend is to use hairspray to keep your skirt in place. It works as a quick and easy solution to prevent your skirt from moving or falling!

What’s great about this hack is that most people already have hairspray at home! It’s important to note that you should do a patch test on your skin with the hairspray you’re going to use.

We don’t want you getting irritated skin or getting an allergic reaction! So if you’re allergic to hairspray or any ingredients in it, please don’t utilize this hack!

There are plenty of other useful ways to stop your skirt from falling on this list! This hairspray hack will work better for those of you who are wearing tights under your skirt. You need to spray hairspray in the area where your skirt and the tights touch, and that’s it!

Make sure to keep your hairspray with you in your bag if you need to apply more throughout the day!

I also wrote a guide on how to fold skirts that may interest you.

Skinny Clip

When it comes to preventing skirts from falling or slipping, there are actually products out there that can assist in this type of situation. For example, a product called “Skinny Clip” on Amazon (paid link) helps hold up skirts without the need for a belt.

You have to slide it on your skirt’s waistband, twist it, and hook it in place! The first twist you make when using it reduces your waistband by 2 inches, and on the second twist, it reduces it 4 to 5 inches!

Each pack comes with 4 “Skinny Clips” in 4 different colors. They’re only $15, can be worn in many different ways, and can last you long!

Wearing Skirts on Windy Days

While the other tips are great for keeping your skirts from falling during regular weather, I figured I’d add a tip if you are worried about your skirt blowing up in the wind.

A woman wearing a skirt on a windy bridge.

Garment Weights

Another great product to put an end to flying and falling skirts is a garment weight called “Dress Downs.” (Amazon paid link). This product is a garment weight that you can attach to your skirt for protection from windy days!

Skirts are fun, flirty, cute, and should be comfortable! Don’t stop wearing skirts because you fear that they might fall unexpectedly. At least now you know about hacks and tips that can be useful to you and prevent your skirt from falling once in for all!

I also have a comprehensive guide on stopping all your clothes from falling down that may interest you to read next.


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