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How to STOP Tube Tops From Falling Down

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While wearing a tube top, I am sure you have had your share of the moment where you spent the day pulling up your top at least a couple of times. That is because we all fear the tube tops falling.

Besides, you might be concerned about having to tug your tube top up all day and night. Worry no more! To help you cope with the woes of your warm-weather favorite falling down and help you stay comfortable and confident, we have found some best tricks to help stop your tube top from falling.

Read on for more detailed information about these tricks.


Most tube tops do not provide much support up top, but some boning can give your tube top lightweight support and more structure. This will, in turn, stop your tube top from falling down

Two boning products are readily available in sewing stores. They are the easiest to apply. They are;

Pre-covered boning

Featherlite (a ¼-inch-wide plastic wrapped in a fabric casing) is the most available boning. Although it does not provide much support to the body, it holds the tube top fabric in place and gives it some structure.

It is usually used in lightweight tube tops and knit tube tops.

Buy boning on Amazon (paid link).

Rigilene Boning

This boning is made of woven nylon rods. It can be directly stitched to your tube top fabric without a casing.

It comes in widths from ¼ to ¾ inches. It also comes rolled. Therefore, you need to flatten it using an iron before stitching.

Rigilene boning is mainly used in ready-to-wear tube tops. Typically, it is stitched onto firm cotton underlining, which is then sewn into the tube top. Although it can be stitched to the tube top fabric directly, it is not a common method.

The Basic Boning Application Methods

Here is how you can apply boning to help stop your tube top from falling down;

Inserting it Into a Casing

This method requires the use of a firm, lightly woven fabric.

Step 1: Stitch the casing to the fabric along both edges. This creates a narrow enough channel to keep the boning from twisting in the casing and wide enough for the boning to slide into.

Step 2: Machine-stitch across one casing end. This should be before inserting the boning.

Step 3: Machine- or hand-stitch the opposite end after inserting the boning.

Sewing It Directly to The Tube Top Fabric

It is vital to note that Regilene is the only boning that can be directly sewed to the fabric. There is a border on each edge to sew through, and it is ideal when sewn flat but not into a curved seam.

You can also sew it on an angle – from the top edge of the tube top through to the waistline and pointing towards the center front.

When sewn in at the side bust, boning assists keep bust fullness from migrating into your armpit.

You can finish the boning ends by wrapping them using a firmly woven cotton fabric as you sew them.

Sewing It to the Underlining

Both pre-covered and rigilene boning work for this method.

For instance, you need to sew the boning casing to the rigilene to the pressed-open side seam allowance. It is vital to center it over the seam and stitch down one side at a time. 

Wearing a Tube Bra Underneath

Wearing a tube bra underneath your tube top can help stop it from falling. For instance, the extra fabric will hold up better against your bare skin.

You should choose a structured tube bra with a non-slip grip on the back and top of the cubs and an underwire to give you security. You can also test the security of the tube bra when you try it on by jumping, dancing around a bit, and sitting to be sure that it stays in place and it does not slip down.

It is also essential to choose a seamless tube bra. For instance, a killer tube top deserves to be in the spotlight.

Besides, you should ask your tube top stylist if you are unsure which tube bra size or color you need to wear underneath your tube top. They can help you find a tube bra that matches your tube top.

Pin Up the Tube Top

This is a backup plan on hand just in case wearing a tube bra underneath your tube top seams not to stop it from falling.

You can use safety pins to keep your tube top in place by pinning it to your tube bra. You should ensure that you pin it from the inside of your tube top to the tube bra.

You can ask your tube top stylist to help you accomplish this. This will help ensure that no ends of the safety pins end up pointing out from the top of your tube top.

Altering Your Tube Top

When your tube top is perfectly fitted, you will not have to worry about it falling. Therefore, altering the burst of your tube top to make it fit perfectly can make all the difference in having a non-slip tube top. Otherwise, you will constantly be tugging it.

A Silicon Rubber Gripper

You can consider wearing a tube top with a silicon rubber strap for more extra resistance. It usually lines the inside top seam of your tube top and will be super effective in providing some resistance against the skin and stopping your tube top from falling.

Buy a roll of silicone on Amazon (paid link)

Using Double-Sided Tape

This is another recommended way that you can use to stop your tube top from falling. However, you should use double-sided tape specifically designed for the human skin, such as fashion tape or wig tape.

You also need to ensure that the double-sided tape you want to use will not damage the tube top. This is because not all tapes are suitable for every type of tube top fabric.

Before applying the double-sided tape, ensure you clean the skin where the tape will go using rubbing alcohol. The tape will not stay attached if you have oily skin.

Buy fashion tape on Amazon (paid link).

Add Staps

If all the methods mentioned above do not help stop your tube op from falling, consider adding straps to your tube top.

You can do this using something simple such as a thin fabric strap. You can add some elegance and glam with lace-capped sleeves or a jeweled strap.

Although this method will change the overall look of your top, it is one of the best ways to keep your tube top from falling. You might end up loving the new look of your top even more!

I also have a comprehensive guide on stopping all your clothes from falling down that may interest you to read next.


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