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Lg Vs Ge Refrigerators: Which Is The Better Brand?

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When comparing these two major manufacturers’ products, both offer very similar features. The main difference between the two brands is in how they go about their designs. Both provide quality products, but if you are specifically looking for a particular design feature, there may be something to consider when choosing between them.

BrandEfficiencyWarrantySize Range(cubic feet)Energy-Star Approved
LG Refrigerators310 kWh/year1-5 years14 – 30 Yes
GE Refrigerators285 kWh/year2-12 years14 -25.6Yes

With so many models and brands of refrigerators available, it is sometimes difficult to choose the best model. We will compare two popular refrigerator brands – LG vs. GE – to help you decide which one suits your needs better!

LG vs. GE Refrigerators- How Are They Similar?

LG and GE are both companies that operate with their environmental impact in mind.  Both brands offer similar features and appliances that help reduce energy and water usage in the home.

GE and LG refrigerators are similar because both companies offer quality products that are energy-star approved. Both companies produce appliances with environmental effects in mind. 

For example, both brands offer a selection of Energy Star-qualified appliances with an ENERGY STAR label on their appliances to let you know that it uses less energy than required by federal standards under typical use conditions. 

And most GE models are also NSF certified for commercial foodservice applications such as restaurants all over the country! Both LG and GE produce similar refrigerator models with many of the same standard features, including:

  • Full-length stainless-steel hinges on each door,
  • An adjustable thermostat that can keep food fresh longer,
  • A bright interior light that automatically turns on 
  • Plenty of shelf space made from durable wire racks rather than flimsy plastic ones found in less expensive refrigerators. 
  • In terms of sizes available, both manufacturers have roughly 20 different options available, ranging from small bar-sized models that are just 14 cu. ft. to extra-large units that can store up to 20 cubic feet of food items on each shelf.

Both manufacturers also offer multiple color options ranging from traditional stainless steel finishes with black exteriors or chrome handles and interiors. They offer custom cabinet-front options as well, which go well in kitchens where people want a more modern design style but don’t necessarily have any dark appliances anywhere else in their home decorating scheme. 

LG vs. GE Refrigerators- What Is the Difference?

LG and GE refrigerators offer a lot of similarities, but how are they different? Both companies put their own spin on things when it comes to design, which means that you will find some differences between them in terms of style and storage.

The difference between LG and GE refrigerators lies in comparing their energy efficiency, price, and average warranty. You’ll find that GE often has better features and options in each category.

GE Offers a Lower Average Price

For most styles, GE refrigerators tend to be less expensive than LG ones by roughly $100-$400. At the same time, the quality is comparable across both brands meaning consumers aren’t sacrificing anything when they choose LG over GE.

For example, these two comparable models from each company show the difference in price with similar features. 

  • GE 21.9 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth Side-By-Side Refrigerator- $3299
    • Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel
    • Counter-Depth Design
    • Showcase LED Lighting
    • Dimensions: 69 1/4 H x 35 3/4 W x 30 3/4 D
    • 21.9 cu. ft. of Food Storage
  • LG 23 cu. ft. Door-in-Door Counter-Depth LG Refrigerator -$3699
    • 23 cu. ft. Food Storage
    • Stainless Steel 
    • Full-Convert drawer and five temperature settings 
    • Dual Ice Maker
    • Proactive Customer Care

The features of these two refrigerators are similar, but the price is much different. The LG model is $400 more. While it has a bit of extra room, is one cubic foot is worth the increased price?

GE Refrigerators Offer Increased Efficiency

LG and GE refrigerators are both Energy-Star rated. Most GE Models consume fewer kilowatts per year of energy when compared to LG models. This means that, on average, GE refrigerators will cost less than LG models to operate over the course of a year.

  • LG Refrigerator – Average Energy Consumption (310 kWh per year)
  • GE Refrigerator- Average Energy Consumption (285 kWh per year)

GE Energy-Star certified refrigerators have a few high-tech features to help save you money:

  • The programmable timer feature adapts to the number of door openings to save energy rather than a pre-determined amount of time.
  • Humidity sensors that regulate heater power use by monitoring the air
  • Variable speed compressors

While these two refrigerators have similar features, they also have very different prices. The GE model is the more efficient choice for your wallet and the environment. It would be better to buy the GE refrigerator because it is much more energy-efficient than its counterpart while having about an equal amount of storage space available in each fridge.

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GE Offers Longer Warranties

The warranty on an LG Refrigerator is usually about half as long compared to its competitors: one year versus five years for most other appliances. For the same models compared above, LG lists a 1-year warranty for parts and labor with an option for additional coverage for a fee.

GE Warranties range from two to an impressive twelve years. They offer 24/7 customer care with live phone support. GE has a detailed warranty page on its official website, which lists warranties for each individual product.

Pros and Cons of LG Refrigerators

LG refrigerators come with plenty of advantages and disadvantages. The benefits of LG refrigerators include:

  • Sleek designs that come in a variety of colors (white, black, stainless steel) 
  • Additional options like doors that open on either side or bottom freezer compartments.
  • LG Refrigerators are Energy Star approved, which means that they are energy efficient and can save the consumer money on their electric bills.
  • All models are frost-free, so no need to manually defrost or remove built-up moisture that can cause mold buildup.
  • Less maintenance is required than other brands, which means the appliance will last longer without requiring repairs during its lifetime. 
  • Features like humidity controls for crisper drawers where fruits and vegetables are stored, and adjustable shelves throughout inside make room for taller items, even gallon-sized milk jugs! 

The disadvantages of LG refrigerators include: 

  • LG refrigerators are higher priced when compared to similar models.
  • Many users complain about noisy sounds coming from inside the door (the problem may be due to an issue in design or material selection) 
  • LG racks are in a permanent place
  • No additional racks are provided

The disadvantages of LG refrigerators seem minimal, but that can be inconvenient and ultimately less cost-effective than those of similar GE models.

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Pros And Cons of GE Refrigerators

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of GE refrigerators when compared to LG and other models. GE has many advantages over LG, including:

  • A more extended warranty period, better for protecting your appliance investments against defects or damages caused by common wear and tear problems during everyday use. 
  • Excellent customer service with live phone support 24/7 to get answers right away when you need them most. 
  • Lower prices when compared to LG
  • More energy-efficient models than LG

The cons of GE refrigerators include: 

  • GE refrigerators offer a variety of sizes and features, but the only size available in external ice and water dispenser is 20 cubic feet.
  • Older units can be expensive to repair
  • GE has fewer color and style options than LG
  • GE sizes only go up to 25.6 cubic feet.

The disadvantages of GE refrigerators reflect mostly on their convenience and style options. They are available in fewer colors and styles when compared directly to LG models, so if that is your biggest concern, LG may be a better option.

LG Vs. GE Refrigerator: Which Is Better?

GE Refrigerators are relatively cheaper than LG counterparts, but their warranty periods are longer. LG and GE refrigerators both offer some of the best features of any refrigerator in their respective classes. 

GE Refrigerators outperform their LG counterparts in a direct comparison. GE models are more energy-efficient and often much less expensive while still offering all the features of LG refrigerators. 

Compared to other similar-sized models from different brands designed for home appliances usage at an affordable price range, the lower prices of the GE model make it much more appealing than its competitors in terms of cost-effectiveness and affordability. 

Energy Saving Tips for your Refrigerator

GE Refrigerators are Energy Star approved, making them some of the most energy-efficient refrigerators on the market. Still, there are some ways to ensure they are as efficient as possible. To increase the energy-saving capacity of your GE refrigerator, you can try these few simple tips.

To be sure your refrigerator operates at maximum efficiency:

  • Don’t open the door frequently. The less often you have to open the door, the more efficiently your refrigerator works. 
  • Place a limit on how much food can be placed in one storage container at a time. This will help keep air moving freely throughout its interior. 
  • Keep your GE refrigerator away from heat sources such as ovens or dishwashers. Extreme temperatures negatively affect the performance level of refrigerators.
  • Make sure shelves inside the fridge are clean. Dirt can block airflow, which wastes energy by causing the compressor to run longer than necessary.
  • Keep your kitchen as cool as possible. This will ensure the maximum efficiency of the appliance. 
  • Keep a good airflow throughout the room. This will also help reduce humidity levels near appliances such as refrigerators which can lead to mold growth resulting in reduced performance levels over time. 

These tips are not only useful for refrigerator users but people who use other similar home appliances. Air conditioners or any other type of generators that have fans constantly running at high speed consume large amounts of electricity if not maintained, leading to increased costs.

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Space-Saving Tips for Your GE Refrigerator

Now that you’ve bought your new GE refrigerator, it is essential to efficiently use the space inside it. Here are a few tips to help:

  • Use the shelves in your fridge to their fullest. That is, don’t just fill them up with tall items or small containers. 
  • Try putting taller things on one shelf and shorter ones below so you can really maximize storage space. 
  • Put bottles of water in between other objects instead of stacking all your soda cans together – it will allow more room for food! 
  • Keep your most frequently used items on the top or front shelves. This will help you easily see what’s in there and use them more often, too!
  • Make sure all of your food is sealed correctly. Air makes everything go bad faster, so keeping it out means less wasted groceries. This also keeps smells at bay, so your fridge doesn’t smell like old leftovers either!
  • Don’t store sodas on the top shelf of the door. Instead, put tall items there, so they don’t take up room elsewhere in your fridge by being at eye level instead of near the bottom shelves. 
  • Don’t overstuff drawers and compartments – this will make them more challenging to open or close when you need something from them later! 

These space-saving tips will allow your GE refrigerator to be more efficient and will surely help you save on your monthly electric bill!


While the LG refrigerator has more storage space and is very energy efficient, it does not have as many features as its counterpart from GE. The warranty on an LG Refrigerator is much shorter than other appliances, so buying this would be a bad idea unless you want to spend about $400 extra for almost identical features. 

Purchasing the GE appliance will not only give you a better-quality product but also a much longer warranty compared with similar products available in stores today. This makes your purchase worth it, even if there are slight differences between the two different models. 

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