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LG vs. GE Washers: Which Is the Better Brand?

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LG Vs. GE, are both products from renowned household appliances makers. They are equipped with almost similar features. But depending on your favorite functional preferences, you might want to opt for one over the other.

So, if you’re confused about which is the better of the two, it will help clear this confusion. In this article, we will compare them based on specific considerations, which will make it easier for you to make the right choice.

LG vs. GE Washers: What Are the Similarities?

Both washers are products from brands with a history of creating reliable and user-friendly washing machines.

Both LG and GE have similarities in two salient features; reliability and user-friendliness. They are renowned brands with a wide distribution network and technical backup, making their parts and fixing services easily accessible. Additionally, both washers have easier-to-operate controls.

Besides the two unique features above, the two washing machines have several other similarities. Take a look at a few below.

  • High-performing specifications. They have modern features that make their washers highly functional. These include; automatic temperature control, steam washing, variable speed setting, and touch screen displays.
  • Washer versatility. Both washers are versatile in their size offering. Their washing machines come in compact, full size, and mega sizes. With this variety of choices, the two brands afford their customers a wider range when it comes to their preferred washing machine to buy.
  • Design and appearance. Designs and aesthetics are personal choices. Hence people have different preferences. But overall, both are tastefully designed to suit modern customer preferences. Moreover, both are designed with attractive colors and shapes.
  • Wide network distribution. Both makers, LG and GE, have a huge worldwide distribution network. That means most products are readily available both online and offline. For instance, the two can easily be found on Amazon and other online marketplaces.

Lg vs.GE Washers: Are They Different?

Both washing machines have a lot of similarities, as we found above. But on closer observations, there are subtle differences in what appears outwardly as similarities. These differences arise from the addition or reduction of attributes of a specific feature.

In general, when judged on specifics of features and specifications, the differences between the washers include brand reliability, ease of use, washer size, wash cycle speeds, mold prevention, and a few others. Overall, LG is performing better in most of these parameters.

Let us take a deeper dive and explore the differences.

Brand Reliability

In evaluating the reliability, we consider: 

  • The availability of repair shops 
  • Technical skills availability 
  • Parts availability and, 
  • Parts quality

The brand that wins on more of these factors means their washing machines have a longer useful life.

While both brands have availed their parts and technical backup, GE is much wider in terms of worldwide distribution than LG. 

  • Number of LG locations worldwide: 80
  • Number of GE locations worldwide: 130

This shows more GE washers are likely to outlast the LG ones in the long run due to their service parts backup. So, if you’re in the market for the most reliable of the two brands, you’d rather opt for GE washers.

Ease of Use

Both washers are equipped with modern features. These include user-friendly visual displays, easy controls, and intuitive cycle selectors. However, the LG washing machine seems to be more loaded with these features. 

This can be an advantage or a downside depending on your level of experience in using washing machines. For experienced users, this is an added advantage. They are able to get more benefits from their washers. But this may discourage newbie users.

In contrast, the GE washing machine has trimmed down on its features which makes it an attractive washing machine for first-time buyers. 

Overall, LG is recommended for veteran washing machine users who know their way around the complex washing machine. But GE is also a good choice for first-time washing machine owners.

Washer Size

As we found above, both brands have different washer sizes for their customers. Both have a great compact, full and mega sizes. However, looking further, you get the details on their differences.

Washer BrandWidthDepth

From the table above, the LG standard width size at 27 inches is slightly smaller compared with the GE models, which at 28 inches is slightly wider. 

And when it comes to depth, GE washers are much deeper, with an average of 34, compared to LG’s 30 inches. 

For sizes, preferences differ with laundry size needs. If you require an average laundry load size, you may opt for an LG washer. But for those with large load needs, they should go for GE washers.

Wash Cycle Speeds

When it comes to speeds in the wash cycle, LG takes the lead. This is courtesy of its innovative turbo wash technology.

Turbo wash is the latest washing machine feature that uses power motion in its wash action, in conjunction with increased water temperatures to boost wash cycle speeds. 

This tremendously reduces the laundry wash time, giving you more wash loads over a shorter time. Everyone wants to spend much less time on laundry and save time for other chores.

For this reason, LG scores above GE in this aspect. 

Therefore, if you consider washing time an important factor in your laundry, your choice should be the LG washing machine.

Mold Prevention

When it comes to mold prevention, the trophy goes to the GE washer. GE washers are installed with modern odor and mildew elimination technology that keeps mildew from washers. 

Named UltraFresh Vent System with OdorBlock ™, it is equipped with additives capable of eliminating mold spores. This, when combined with Microban, another of its features, creates an effective elimination of odor-forming bacteria and mold spores. 

In contrast, LG washers lack these robust molds and bacteria-fighting features. Mold is a major problem with washers. That is why if you’re keen on buying a washer with this capability, the best bet between the two should be GE washers.

The Size of Detergent Dispensers

The auto detergent dispenser is quite important in a laundry machine. They help in dispensing the right detergent clothes softeners dosage in a wash cycle. Overdosing can cause stains and is obviously not cost-effective. 

Therefore any washing machine with better detergent dispensers will be the winner in this parameter. Both washers are equipped with this feature. However, the difference is in the size of the auto detergent dispensers. The LG washers are equipped with an 18-load, while the GE one is a 32-load capacity. 

As you can see, when compared with the GE washers, the LG detergent dispensers are much smaller. That means a GE washer gives you more wash loads before you need to replenish it. 

For obvious reasons, a GE washer is more convenient in this aspect. And since we all crave convenience, GE surges ahead of LG on this factor.

Washing Machine Prices

Both washing machine brands are considered affordable compared to brands. In both brands, you can get affordably priced washer models.

But LG washing machines are generally higher priced than GE ones.

As shown below, two models LG and GE washers of similar capacity have a huge price disparity of about $400. This is in spite of sharing similarities in other features in consideration, as well.

The LG Machine

  • Washing machine capacity 5.0 Cu. Ft
  • With WIFI Connectivity
  • With automatic detergent dispenser 
  • 14 cycles, 16 options

The GE Machine

  • Washing machine capacity 5.0Cu.Ft
  • With WIFI connectivity 
  • With automatic detergent dispenser
  • 12 cycles, 10 options  

From the above analysis, clearly, GE is affordably priced to its LG counterpart, despite sharing almost similar features.

Aesthetic Appeal

As we found above, both washing machine brands are stylish and appealing in their presentation.

Although the aesthetic appeal is a subjective feature, LG washers have wider color choices and designs shapes in their products. Therefore, if you’re aesthetically inclined, LG should be your washer of choice.

Pros and Cons of LG Washers

LG washers are some of the most popular washing machines on the market. And as we found out above, this is attributable to a load of features that confers certain pros on the washing machine. Here are a few below.

  • Less noisy. LG machines are quieter than GE washing machines because most are designed with the Direct Drive technology. Direct Drive technology eliminates the use of noisy producing pulleys and belts.
  • Fewer vibrations. Unlike most other brands, LG washers do not need stabilizing mats to keep them stationary when they are in operation.
  • Longer lifespan. LG incorporates some latest technologies in its designs, making it withstand longer use and increasing its useful life. For example, with fewer vibrations from its Direct Drive technology, there are fewer breakages that may require parts replacement.
  • More energy efficient. In general, LG washers are considered less power-thirsty compared to other brands. For example, comparing LG WM3900 with GE GFW850S shows a clear consumption difference, with the former consuming 105kWh, while the latter using 158kWh. 
  • More stylish design. LG washers are more stylishly designed. Moreover, they have more color presentations making them more appealing.

These washing machines also have some downsides, as you can see below.

  • High prices. LG washers incorporate high value in their designs and technology. Of course, this comes at a higher cost, which is reflected in its pricing. 
  • Cost of maintenance. Related to the initial buying price is the cost of repairs and replacement parts. Generally, LG parts are expensive compared to other washing machines, leading to high maintenance costs. 

Pros and Cons of GE Washers

GE makes phenomenal washing machines competitive against their peers in most considerations. Take a look at some of its merits over LG washers.

  • More affordable. Most GE washers cost much less compared to LG. This result from many factors, including trimming down some of the features and specifications to allow for affordability.
  • A longer warranty period. GE washer warranties average 3 years compared to LG’s 2 years, making them more generous and favorable compared to other washers in the market.
  • More user-friendly. Generally, GE washers are not loaded with a lot of specifications, making them easy to learn to use.

GE washers have their fair share of downsides which we explore below.

  • Less energy efficient. When compared to other washes of the same capacity, they consume more energy. Although they’re both Energy Star certified, their power consumption is still much higher than that of LG washers.
  • Less stylish. GE washers are appealing as well, but they are less stylish in comparison to LG washers.

LG vs. GE Washers: The Verdict

Both LG and GE are great washing machine brands with a huge backup of features and specifications. The two washers have their strong points and weaknesses. 

Basing the consideration on factors such as wash cycle speeds, mold control, stylishness, and energy efficiency, LG beats GE washers. 

But GE has its benefits that include being more affordable and having a longer warranty. In view of these considerations, LG has a slight edge over GE in making a better option washer.

LG WM4500HBA Front Loader Washing Machine
LG is our favorite and the LG WM4500HBA is our overall recommendation for you.

GE vs. LG Front Load Washer Comparison

Below are a few highlights of the comparison between front loading washing machines of both brands.

  • Capacity comparison. Generally, GE washing machines are larger in terms of width and depth. This means they can have better capacity compared to their LG counterparts. 
  • Ergonomically placed controls. Most LG users enjoy better or more ergonomically placed controls making their washers more user-friendly.
  • Brand-specific technology. Both brands have loaded their front loaders with varied features to improve their useability.

For example, to encourage faster wash cycles, LG is equipped with Turbo Wash technology for faster wash cycles in LG washers and UltraFresh Vent with OdorBlock to prevent mildew for GE washers.

GE and LG Top Loader: What Is the Comparison?

  • Durability, useability, sizes, and stylishness. Both brands’ top loading washers’ features do not vary much. Both compare toe to toe, although LG has a slight edge on some of the features.
  • Pricing. GE top loaders are more affordable compared to their more expensive LG counterparts. But this also comes at a price as some of the features be lacking in the GE models compared to LG.
  • Rinsing. When it comes to rinsing, LG washers do a better job than GE washers. 


As we’ve seen, both washers are great products loaded with great features and specifications. As such, determining the better brand between the two is not easy.

Each has its strong points that may be lacking in other brands. But overall, LG chalks more points on the checklist, making it surge slightly ahead of its competitor, the GE washer.

You can buy our favorite LG washer here and our favorite GE washer here.

We greatly appreciate it if you use our links when you purchase your new washer, as we will get a small commission (at no extra cost to you, of course.)

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