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How to Clean Your Beard Brush (Step-by-step guide)

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Regularly cleaning your beard brush will drastically increase its lifespan. Even better, because there will be less dirt and debris in the brush you use to brush your facial hair, your beard will be cleaner.

Take a little bowl and fill it with warm water and shampoo. In the solution, move the brush around until soap suds develop. For around 60 seconds, repeat this. After rinsing your brush in warm water to get rid of the soap, let it air dry. 

Continue reading this article to know what you need and the correct procedure to follow.

The tools you will need:

  • Beard brush
  • Small comb (to remove the debris)
  • Brush cleaning pick or cotton swab
  • A small bowl.
  • Beard Wash or Shampoo or Soap
  • A small cloth or soft towel

What is a Beard Brush?

A beard brush is a brush for a person’s beard. Men use this grooming item all around the world to maintain healthy, well-groomed facial hair.

Most contemporary men will contend that using a beard brush or comb at least once a day is necessary to maintain long-term control over their chin manes. A beard is gradually conditioned over time with a brush or comb.

How to Clean Your Beard Brush

Method 1: Basic Cleaning

You need to use the basic cleaning method for regular beard brush cleaning. Below is how to go about it:

  1. Get a fine-toothed comb, metal brush, or pair of scissors.
  2. To gather dirt, place a piece of dry cloth over a table, trash can, or sink.
  3. Through the bristles, run a comb, the tip of a pair of scissors, or a metal brush cleaner.
  4. To get the dirt and hair off the brush, gently tap it on the side of your sink, the trash can, or the top of the table.

It is preferable to carry out this activity as regularly as possible and at least once weekly.

Method 2: Deep Washing with Shampoo

Step 1: Loosen Trapped Hair

Besides being used as styling tools, beard brushes frequently serve as exfoliators for the skin beneath the hair by collecting particles of dead skin, crud, sebum oil, and loose hairs inside their bristles. Therefore, the first step in cleaning your hairbrush is to make sure that you remove any hair or dirt that has become stuck in the bristles or surrounding them. This could make a big mess, so you should do it outside or over a garbage can.

Try using a comb, a cotton swab, an old toothbrush, or the shears you use to trim your facial hair if you’re unclear how to release stuck hair.

Step 2: Start with Cleaning the Bristle Gaps

Next, you should clean the gaps between the bristles using a cotton swab or a brush cleaning pick.

You are welcome to use another tool if you feel more comfortable in this situation. However, make sure the tool’s tip is small so it can easily fit into the little spaces between the bristles.

If you’re using a rush cleaning pick, start by removing the hairs clinging to the tops of the bristles. This will assist in cleaning the bristle surface of all excess hairs and debris.

Now, firmly grasp the beard brush’s handle in your hand. With the other hand, take a cotton swab and gently move it up and down over the bristles.

When you do this, you’ll see that bristle hair will start sprouting from its roots. Additionally, oil or other debris will leak out. Additionally, it should go without saying that doing this will make the cotton swab unclean. Pick up a fresh piece of cotton swab without hesitation if you discover too much dirt.

This stage doesn’t require much time on your part. I typically take 30 to 40 seconds to complete the first step.

Step 3: Fill A Bowl With Lukewarm Water

You need to take a small bowl for this step. In this situation, you can select a container you wouldn’t use or serve meals later.

Now pour warm water into the dish. It is preferable not to fill the container to the top. So it would be prudent to maintain it semi-full.

In this situation, keep in mind that you need to emphasize the water’s temperature more. There is a danger that the bristles could become damaged if the water is too hot. Therefore, avoid committing this kind of error.

Take the cleaning product that best suits your needs right now. I always like something soft in this situation. You could use this product to apply it to your beard brush without feeling awkward about it.

Bear in mind that pig hair resembles human hair quite closely. Therefore, it stands to reason that you should clean them with more of the same level of care.

You can use a beard wash or shampoo, as stated above. I advise against using any form of soap in this situation because I don’t like it.

With your finger, dispense a small amount of shampoo or beard wash into the lukewarm water.

Step 4: Dip the bristles into the water

Make sure you immerse the bristles of the beard brush, not the handle. The wood of the brush may become slightly damp as a result of this. But make every effort to reduce that as much as you can.

The structure of the wood will gradually deteriorate if the wood underneath the bristles is wetted repeatedly.

To make lather after dipping the bristles into the mixture, you must continuously swirl the bristles.

This method can make the type of lather you should use to clean your beard brush quickly. My experience suggests that performing it for approximately 30 seconds would be sufficient.

Remove the brush from the water at this time. And leave it there for about a minute on a soft towel (obviously a clean one). Any residue detected in the space between the bristles will be divided up.

Step 5: Rinse with Water

This is the trickiest step because you must do it without wetting the wood to which the bristles are attached.

Pick up another tiny bowl and half-fill it with lukewarm, new water. There won’t be any shampoo or beard wash this time.

Put the bristles in the water and begin whirling them as you did in Step 3. This will safeguard the wood while assisting in rinsing out any soapy stuff from the bristles.

Step 6: Dry the Beard Brush

The last step in cleaning your beard brush is this. The bristles must be removed from the water in this area. Afterward, please keep it on a fresh, soft piece of cloth for a minute.

Shake the brush vigorously now to remove any remaining water.

Then, position the beard brush so that the bristles face the towel’s surface while resting on a soft towel. The bristles will progressively dry out as a result of this.

Never use a blow dryer to expedite the procedure in this situation. The heat a dryer produces could be devastating for the bristles of a beard brush.

So, I think this five-step process has provided an explicative response to how to clean a beard brush.

Benefits of Cleaning a Beard Brush

Each beard care product has a unique set of advantages to offer, but only if they are kept in good condition. Speaking of beard hair brushes, these tools for maintaining facial hair have a number of advantages that you can only enjoy if you clean your brush regularly.

No Transfer of Pollutants

Your beard may smell terrible and appear messy if it is covered in dirt, debris, dead skin cells, extra natural oils, and food particles. But owing to a beard brush, the cleaning part is accomplished quite well. The brush needs to be cleaned on a regular basis, just like the beard. Otherwise, your efforts to maintain clean, odorless facial hair would be in vain.

No bad odor from Bristles

As mentioned in the advantage mentioned above, the beard may smell bad if germs and outside contaminants mix. This must be cleaned promptly to keep your beard smelling great and prepared for close encounters.

Ensure Long Shelf Life

You would like your beard brushes to last long because they are pricy. If the bristles are formed from the boar’s hair, they last a long time. Therefore, use a beard brush with boar bristles to brush your luxurious facial hair.

Distributes Beard Care Products evenly

A clean beard brush is the best way to evenly apply beard oils, balms, and moisturizers. It is designed for that purpose, and it does that function quite well. Use high-quality beard care products and a brush to ensure every hair strand is properly nourished.

If you want to take advantage of all the above advantages but have no idea how to clean your beard brushes—don’t worry. You only need a few supplies to clean your facial brushes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use vinegar to clean your beard brush?

Yes, vinegar can be used to clean your beard brush instead of shampoo or soap. Mix water and vinegar in an equal amount in a bowl, and soak the brush for about 30 minutes. The brush should be properly washed under running water before being dried.

Is it a must to wash my beard brush?

Yes, it is healthy to wash a beard brush. Remember to use hot water and soap to wash the bristles, then rinse completely. Allow the brush to air dry thoroughly before using it again.

How often should I wash my beard brush?

Since the stage of cleaning the beard brush just described requires the use of water, performing this procedure frequently could harm the wood under the bristles.

Therefore, I advise you to clean your beard brush using this procedure once every month. This will prevent significant damage while maintaining the cleanliness of your beard brush.

However, clean the beard brush more frequently with a cotton swab instead of water or shampoo. Any man would undoubtedly enjoy the right level of hygiene that this will help to achieve.

How do I clean a boar bristle brush?

With a little soap and water, boar bristle brushes can be cleaned. Wet the brush first, and then add a little soap. After creating lather with the brushes, thoroughly rinse. Before using the brush once more, let it thoroughly dry.

Can I use my beard brush in the shower?

In the shower, a beard brush is acceptable. Doing so is a good idea because it will help clean your beard and get rid of any dirt or debris. Because too much scrubbing might harm the skin and hair, employ a gentle motion when cleaning.

Should I oil a beard brush before use?

You should lubricate your beard brush. The bristles will stay soft, and the oil will be distributed more evenly throughout your beard.

What is the GRAY stuff in the beard brush?

The “gray stuff” in your beard brush could be a variety of things, including dirt, hair dye, or oils from your scalp. You can try washing the brush with soap and water if it’s only on the brush and not your hair.


Brush cleaning and care are both straightforward tasks. All you really need to do is use a brush cleaning pick to get rid of hair and dirt from the surface, and then use a small comb to brush off dirt and crud from the bristle roots. Finally, submerge the brush in the shampoo water, rinse it out, and then hang it up to dry with the bristles facing down.


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