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What to Look for in a Quality Dresser: Organizer explains

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Looking for a quality dresser to fit your space can be exciting. Quality dressers come in a variety of styles to fit anyone’s room. Quality dressers will also come in various wood types and colors, so choosing one to match your surrounding furniture will be a breeze.

When looking for a quality dresser, some key characteristics to look for are the material the dresser is made of, the size or type of dresser, and the storage available. The sturdiness of the construction of the dresser will let you know the dresser will last for years to come.

Read on to find out what types of material are used to make quality dressers. Also, the different types of dressers and how extra storage space can be helpful.

Strength and Stability are Needed for a Quality Dresser

When looking for a quality dresser, the material type does matter. Strength and stability from different wood types will allow dressers to last longer. Added details to the dresser will also allow for a sturdier structure.

Types of Wood for a Quality Dresser

Wood types that will withstand time and are great for dressers are:

  • Maple– Both soft and hard maple are available, but soft maple wood will still stand up just fine. (Soft maple wood just means it is softer than hard maple.)
  • Birch– Dressers made from birch wood will be well-built and allow for a craftsman to add extra details when needed.
  • Oak– This type of wood is dense, allowing for added strength. This type of wooden dresser will also be heavier, adding to the stability of the whole piece.
  • Cherry– Cherry wood dressers will last very long when taken care of and can be pieces of furniture handed down from generation to generation.

When searching for a quality dresser, finding one in a color you prefer will benefit your space. The great thing about the different types of heavy-duty wood available is many will range in color from light to darker. Another advantage to getting a quality dresser made of solid wood is that wood can be matched or paired with just about any other type of furniture in your space.

The Dresser Structure Itself

When looking for a quality dresser, the way the dresser is built is also an important aspect. Certain areas of the dressers you may not think to look at would be:

Back Panel

The back panel of a dresser faces the wall and is usually never seen. However, back panels that appear to be encased in edging will make for stronger pieces. Some dressers may have stronger-looking backings that are screwed or nailed on. This type of backing is not necessarily bad, but at the same time, this type of backing may not make the dresser as strong.


The drawers of dressers need to be checked for their quality as well. But it is not just the front panels of the drawers and what can be seen from the outside, but the inside of the drawer itself too. High-quality dresser drawers should have full wooden bottoms. Having wooden bottoms on dresser drawers will stop any chance of the drawer collapsing due to too much weight from heavy items.

Mechanisms for Dresser Drawers

Another essential characteristic of a quality dresser is the type of drawer mechanisms that are used. One type of drawer mechanism to check for is drawer bumpers. Drawer bumpers will be on the inside of the drawer face. Drawer bumpers are used to stop drawers from banging shut. This will prevent any scratches or chips that can occur from a drawer shutting too quickly.

Another important drawer mechanism to look for is the type of drawer slides the dresser has. Quality dressers can have both wood and metal drawer slides. Wood drawer slides allow for full use of the drawer and will never have to be replaced. Metal drawer slides can have smoother transitions from open to close but may need to be replaced at some point. It is possible for metal drawer slides to get bent after extended use or from holding a drawer with heavier weight.

While wooden drawer slides will never have to be replaced, over time, due to temperature fluctuations, the drawers can get stuck. Wooden drawer slides can be fixed by applying unscented soap or unscented candles to the areas of the drawers that touch the inside of the dresser. This will fix any sticking issues the drawers may be having.

Sizing and Storage for a Quality Dresser

Knowing ahead of time the size of the dresser and how much storage is needed are important when picking out a quality dresser. Quality dressers will be heavier and can be harder to move around.

Picking out a Size of a Quality Dresser

When deciding on a quality dresser, you will have to decide on the type of dresser you want based on the available space you have. Measuring the area beforehand will help narrow down the options available to you. Dressers made from solid wood will be much heavier and harder to move once placed in an area. These types of dressers are heavy even when the drawers are removed.

Quality dressers come in different types, including:

  • Horizontal:
  • Vertical
  • Double:
  • Combo

Horizontal, double, and combo dressers are all similar in height. These types of dressers will be longer in size. The heights of these types of dressers will vary, but none will ever be shoulder height for an average person. 

Vertical dressers will be taller than the dressers mentioned above. Due to how vertical dressers are built, this type of dresser will fit better in a smaller space. Even though vertical dressers will be heavier, it would still be a good idea to anchor this type of dresser to the wall if possible. 

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Storage Space Availability in Quality Dressers

Deciding on the amount of storage space needed can also help you decide on your quality dresser. The number of drawers fitted per dresser will depend on the different brands and sizes you are looking at. 

Combo dressers will work well if different-sized drawers are needed for extra storage. There will be brands out there that look like they have a larger drawer, but when you open the drawer or door, it could have a shelf in it.

Dressers will usually have a flat top which can be helpful with storage ideas as well. Instead of placing smaller items in drawers, these items can be placed on top for easier access.


All things considered, choosing a quality dresser depends on what you are looking for to fill your space. Higher quality wood will add to the quality of the dresser of your choosing because specific types of wood will add structure and stability to the dresser itself. Deciding on the size of the dresser to fit your space and any added storage space are also important factors to consider when choosing a quality dresser.

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