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11 Best Washing Machines for Pet Hair (+How to use them)

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If you’re on this page, chances are you are looking for solutions to pet hair issues on your clothes. 

Pet hair clinging to clothes can drive you to your wit’s end. 

And while there are some methods of removing them, one of the best is buying the right washing machine. 

Unfortunately, with the market awash with these all types of machines touting unfounded claims, the washing machine market is a maze. 

That is why we dove deep into research to bring you the top best washing machines to solve your pet hair problems once and for all.

The best washing machine for getting rid of pet hair is equipped with programs designed to agitate and loosen the fabric to lift the hair from clothes.

There are also other useful settings to help loosen the pet hairs that we will dig into in this comprehensive article.

Below you can find a quick overview of our top three picks, then further down, you can read in more detail about all of our eleven picks and find the washer that fits you best.

Best Overall: LG WM 4000 HBA Ultra Large
Why we like it: It has steam setting for pet hair and allergens removal, a rust-resistant steel drum, Google home and Alexa control enabled, and is water and energy efficient. Drawback: More expensive than a few other cheaper variants.
Best Budget: Samsung WF 45 T6000 Front Loader
Pros: An affordable model that removes pet air efficiently. It has a generous 4.5 cubic foot capacity, is easy to use, and is water and energy efficient Cons: Absence of sanitizing cycle, lacks speed cycles.
Best Washer Dryer Combo: RCA RWD270 Washer Dryer
Pros: Easy pull-out detergent or clothes softener dispenser, efficient washer and dryer combo saving energy, water, and time. It is easy to connect and install, and is the largest 24″ dryer/washer combo. Cons: The gurgling drain hose makes it uncomfortable to use for some people. Capacity and speed are modest compared to larger washers.

Read on for a more detailed review of the above washing machine models. 

Then, further down, you can read our comprehensive buying guide, comparison between laundry sheets with other types of detergents, and much more.

11 Best Washing Machines for Pet Hair

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That means, at no extra cost to you, we’ll receive a small commission if you use any of the links in the article when purchasing your new washer. This enables us to run this site and offer useful information for free. 

1. Best Overall: LG WM 4000 HBA Ultra Large Smart Washing Machine

LG is a brand with years of experience and expertise in the washing machine industry. And this is clearly exhibited in this particular model. 

Due to its wide variety of features and functionalities, this could be your dream washing machine. 

Starting with pet hair removal, this model performs exceptionally well, courtesy of its steam setting. 

The LG WM 4000 HBA removes over 95% of home-based pet furs, home-based allergens, lint, and other impurities lodged in clothes. 

As pet fur is one of the major allergens that cause asthmatic attacks, its effort has not gone unrecognized. 

For its exceptional feat, it has won major accolades, including certification as allergy and asthma-friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

That is not to mention an internal heater to raise water temperatures to kill all other microorganisms such as dust mites and other parasites transferred from pets and around the home. 

This makes it perfect for washing children’s clothes, pet bedding, and clothes for people with allergy issues.

Also worthy of mention are the aesthetic finish and the rust-resistant stainless steel drum, and the tempered glass door, which is all made for durability.

And when it comes to digital enablement, this model is a well-endowed gizmo. Talk of remote controlling commands via the major apps; Amazon Alexa and Google Home. 

This means you can control your laundry while you attend to other businesses, even outside your house, via your smartphone.

And the best part, its water and energy efficiency are quite commendable, with the average running cost averaging $10 per year. 

Overall, if you are looking for an all-rounder washing machine for not only removing pet hair but all other aspects of laundry, this is the machine for you.


  • Has steam setting for pet hair and allergens removal
  • Rust-resistant steel drum
  • Google home and Alexa control enabled
  • Water and energy efficient


  • More expensive than a few other cheaper variants.

2. Best Budget: Samsung WF 45 T6000 AV 4.5 Cubic Foot Frontload Washing Machine

Samsung brand products are known worldwide for their quality and performance. In general, their products are known to be pricey. And that is why it comes as somewhat surprising for this model to feature as our budget choice.

But this model is quite affordable in comparison with some of its peers you will find in this review, for example, our best overall above. 

But though a fantastic choice, with gains in affordability, there are some losses in functionality as well.

So this model may not feature some of the top-notch functionalities found in the much pricier models. Nonetheless, its generous 4.5-cubic feet capacity, with a stylish steel finish for a washer of its class, is remarkable.

Additionally, it has an easy-to-use control panel and is energy and water efficient. Generally, it is great in removing even the most clingy pet hairs and stubborn soils. 

But unfortunately, this makes it more abrasive than most other washers. So you might want to skip this one if your laundry consists mainly of delicates.

Other features missing from this model include; speed cycles and sanitize cycles. So if you do not have patience for longer wash cycles, you might want to opt for other washer models too. 

Overall, it is a phenomenal washer for anyone willing to forego some functionalities in exchange for affordability.


  • An affordable model
  • Removes pet air efficiently.
  • Generous 4.5 cubic foot capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Water and energy efficient


  • Absence of sanitizing cycles
  • Lacks speed cycles

3. Best Washer Dryer Combo: RCA RWD270 Washer Dryer Combo

Washer/dryer combos are currently all the rave for a good reason. Most buyers realized it is more cost-effective to buy a combined washing machine with drying functionality. That way, you waste less time and money.

And if you are looking for a great combination of washer and dryer, look no further than with the RCA RWD 270. 

This sturdy 2.7 cubic feet capacity may appear modest, but looks can be deceiving, for it packs a punch in terms of the combined washing and drying features.

First, it is the largest in its category. And when it comes to removing pet hairs, this washer will not let you down. It comes with an easy-to-use pull-out dispenser for putting detergents or fabric softeners to ease pet hair removal. 

The model also features an easy-to-use control panel with up to 16 washing cycles and four drying options. These are cool features, all packed into one combined machine. 

You do not have to hassle between two machines when you can easily obtain the same benefits in one combo.


  • Easy pull-out detergent or clothes softener dispenser.
  • Efficient washer and dryer combo saving energy, water, and time.
  • Easy to connect and install.
  • Largest 24″ dryer/washer combo.


  • The gurgling drain hose makes it uncomfortable to use for some people.
  • Capacity and speed are modest compared to larger washers.

4. Best Quiet: Comfee 24″ Washer and Dryer Combo

Comfee 24″ is an excellent washer with robust features that ensures your pet hair problem is solved and more. For starters, the machine is equipped with steam care features for holistic family health. 

Once the setting is activated, the hot steam permeates within the clothes fabric and lifts all kinds of pet hair, dust, and allergens, leaving a clean wash. 

Consequently, everyone in your family, including those with pet hair allergies, can breathe a sigh of relief. 

Additionally, the steam streamlines the clothes, making them soft, fluffy, and creaseless, reducing the need for ironing afterward.

But that is not all. With the combo option, you do not have to incur extra costs on a dryer or hop between a separate washer and dryer. 

You can expect all the washing and drying to happen within one machine so that you can save time for other chores.

And speaking of saving, energy-saving is another plus for the Comfee 24″. It boasts an innovative inverter motor that conserves more energy compared to the standard one. 

Of course, a more efficient motor also means a quieter, more stable machine. That gives you peace of mind to work without fearing it may topple over or wake up your neighbors as you do your laundry, even at night. 

If you’re looking for a quiet, innovative, and yet effective washer, this is the washing combo to go for.


  • Comes with steam care features for pet hair, dust, and allergens removal.
  • Streamlines creases on clothes.
  • Washer/dryer combo convenience.
  • Quieter washing machine.


  • Assembling and installing may be challenging for first-time users.
  • Smaller load capacity.

5. Best Smart: GE GFW850SPNRS Front Loading Washer

Like most GE washers, this model doesn’t disappoint, considering that it packs a load of features.

To begin with, it has the steam setting you need to soften the clothes and lift all the hair, dust, and lint from the clothes. In addition, unlike other machines that develop musty smells, this is rare in the GE GFW850SPNRS model. 

The model is designed with a venting feature that keeps the washing machine interior dry.

Also, the use of their revolutionary Microban technology means the gasket door, the dispenser, and the drum interior gives the molds no chance of growth. 

Other cutting-edge features include Smart Dispense bulk detergent dispensing. This is a smart dosing feature that allows you just select the cycle, and the machine determines the detergent dosage. 

This is not to mention WIFI connectivity and a load of other wash/dry programs.


  • Steam setting feature for lifting pet hair.
  • Microban additives to prevent mold growth.
  • Smart detergent dispensing to avoid overdosing and spillages.
  • WIFI connectivity for SMART operations.


  • Some reviewers did not find the WIFI connectivity working as it should.

6. Best Top Loader: Samsung WA45T3200AW

This is another of the great Samsung washer models. The WA45T3200AW is designed with exceptional features you would find appealing. 

This is a stackable med-sized washer that makes short work of all manner of soils.

One of its notable features is the steam function, which can be activated on 5 of its 10 programs to lift all clingy pet hairs, dirt, and lint. Additionally, it is smart enabled for troubleshooting any issue with the click of a smartphone. 

Other additional features include an intuitive control panel and a vibration reduction technology.

Moreover, this machine is one of the most affordable machines we’ve featured in this review. And given its number of helpful features, being priced for under $1000, it is undoubtedly a bargain.


  • Stackable and occupies a small space.
  • Steam wash is helpful for removing clingy pet hair and stubborn soils.
  • Smart operations enabled for troubleshooting operations.
  • Affordably priced.


It doesn’t have venting features to avoid bad odors.

7. Best Portable: Helohome Portable Washing Machine HLT 16 W

If you are constantly moving houses, you need a lightweight, portable washing machine. And none fits this parameter better than the Hellohome portable washing machine. 

Measuring only 20.28″ wide and 20.27″ in depth, and 36.61″ in height, the HLT16 W is a small washer with some incredible features that are not available in other washers of its size.

The small size confers obvious benefits when it comes to space saving and portability. Besides, it is a fully automatic wash and dry that can hold up to 11lbs of wash loads. 

That makes it rival some of the larger competitors in terms of wash load size.

And when it comes to programs, it has an array of useful programs to choose from to suit your wash needs. 

These include normal, heavy, delicate quick, and spin only, not forgetting the three water and temperature levels for the appropriate fabric and load type.

Another notable feature is the timing which allows for the precision timing of your wash. For instance, the delayed function allows you to time your wash for later, while the procedure lets you speed up the wash.


  • Portable and versatile for use in different locations.
  • Requires small space.
  • It has a washer timing feature for delaying or speeding washing.
  • It has several programs to suit different wash needs.
  • Allows choosing different temperatures and water levels.


  • A user complained of a lack of service backup.
  • It is designed for use with HE detergents only.

8. Best Value: Equator 824 N/ED 850 Laundry Center

If you live in an apartment or any house where storage is limited, you need to look at this. The machine is designed with a washer and dryer combo to save space. With this ingenious design, you use the extra space for other items in your house.

But there is more to this laundry center. The combo allows you to wash and dry simultaneously, shuffling between a separate washer and dryer. This not only saves time but power as well.

And if you’re looking for a quiet machine, Equator 824 N/ED 850 Laundry Center will give you and others in your house peace of mind. 

The washer operates at super quiet modes with noise emissions of less than 60dB, so you can do laundry without disturbing anyone else.

Another plus is its non-restrictive door opening. It opens at 180 Degrees allowing enough space while using a wash basket to unload after washing.


  • Easy to use winterizing features.
  • 24-hour delay program to conveniently time starting time.
  • Wide door opening angle for easy unloading.
  • Automatic water level sensor to avoid water wastage.
  • High-speed turbo fan for faster drying.
  • Safety switch for enhanced security.


  • Clothes take longer to dry due to the 110V voltage rating.

9. Best Extra-Large Front Loader: LG-WM4000HWA Ultra Large Capacity

As we found out above, most LG washers are high performing and reliable. The LG WM4000HWA is no different, as it checks out all the powerful performance features one would want in their washing machine.

To start off, its 4.5 cubic feet capacity is sufficient for a large family-size wash load. And better yet, you’ve got a choice of 12 programs and 13 cycles to choose from. 

So whether you are washing delicates, duvets, or heavily soiled coveralls, you are not short of the right program to get your clothes cleaned.

Among these programs is the allergen cycle that removes all types of allergens; pet hair, dander, lint, and dust. With this washer program, you can forget about pet hair problems from your clothes. 

And to cap it all, it has a spectacular washing mechanism, with five jet-spray on clothes for a faster and cleaner wash. 

This is in combination with the turbo technology feature that supercharges the washing process to enhance faster wash cycles.


  • Has allergen cycles to remove pet hair, dander, and dust.
  • Designed with a 5-point jet-spray for a thorough wash.
  • Wide choice of programs to choose from.
  • Deep cleaning with the power of steam.
  • Incorporates AI technology for precise washing.
  • Has an ultra-large capacity of up to 20lbs.


  • It can cause storage space challenges due to its large size.

10. Best Versatile Washer: Koolmore 2-In-1 Front Load Washer and Dryer Combo

Koolmore 2-in-1 Front Load Washer towers above most other washing machines in the laundry industry. And not just about its huge size, but its power pack of performance features.

Speaking of performance, its 1300 rpm spin speed washes clothes in approximately 20 minutes. This fast spin speed is a vital feature for plucking out stuck pet hair from the fabric and also saves time.

Besides, the quick wash is one of the reasons the washer is UL Verified due to its ability to save on energy.

Alongside that are 16 wash and 4 drying cycles, designed to cater to all clothes, fabrics, and soil types. With the wide selection of wash programs, there is always a setting for any clothes type; heavy towels, delicates, active wear.

And when it comes to saving space, the 2-in-1 combo is the right washer if space is a problem where you live; dorm rooms, apartments, small homes, or RVs.


  • Fast wash and dry speeds to save time.
  • The washer and dryer combo save space.
  • Easy to use LED display control panel
  • Cost-effective energy-saving features


  • Hard to keep off mold since its ventless

11. Best Ergonomic: Fridgidaire FFTW 4120SW

Frigidaire is a brand that positions itself by making ergonomic and eco-friendly products. They take pride in “putting solutions within reach to reduce stress, minimize the mess, and cut down on wastefulness.”

That quote rings true, considering some of the features exhibited by this washer. This is a large-capacity washer designed for large wash loads. 

This helps in cutting your washing time by almost half of the time taken by smaller-capacity washing machines.

And with its 12-wash cycle program, it allows you to wash most types of fabrics and soil types. The programs include delicates, handwash, activewear, and heavy-duty, among others. 

Moreover, it allows you to select the soil level from heavy to extra light so that you can match the right soil level with the right program.

The washing machine drum is designed with stainless steel to keep off rust for durability. Finally, all this can be controlled via an intuitive LED display control panel.


  • Large capacity washer for larger loads.
  • Easy to use control panel.
  • Stainless steel drum for durability.
  • 12 wash cycle programs for a variety of washes.


  • Not easy to install for less experienced users.

Best Washing Machine for Pet Hair Buyer Guide

All the washing machines we’ve selected above fulfill certain parameters to make it to the shortlist. These are the essentials that guarantee the machine offers the best performance and value compared to competing products. 

We will be revealing what these are next and also find out to prevent pet hair problems on clothes and more.

How to Prevent the Pet Hair Problem

Me and our cat Diva. Cute but so hairy.

Much as a good washing machine can help solve the pet hair problem, finding ways to prevent pet hair contamination on clothes would be half of the problem solved. 

This is because continuously washing heavily hair-covered clothes can also reduce its efficiency. The common problem includes clogging of the lint filters and spoiling the gaskets.

Here are a few helpful tips.

Regular Brushing Helps

Shedding off hair is a natural process for pets that you cannot stop. But you can reduce pet hair accumulation by regularly brushing them. 

Use a soft brush to give it a thorough brushing every day to remove any loose hair and dispose of it safely. 

Additionally, find time for vacuuming around the place pet hair is commonly deposited; couches, cat beddings, and even the floor. Doing this will save pet hair trouble in the long run.

Use Hair-Removing Tools in the Washer

There are several innovative tools that work by including them in your laundry washer or dryer. One of the best examples is Furzapper, which you can use in any one of the washing machines we reviewed above. 

Furzapper is quite effective in washers, but it is phenomenal in dryers by getting pet hair to stick on to it for easy removal. Alternatively, you can use it with dryer wool balls in the same manner.

More on dryer balls here.

Wash Your Machine Regularly

Over time pet hair build-up in the washing machine can result in several problems. This includes contamination of clothes and stalling of the washing machine. 

For this, give your washer a thorough scrubbing once a month with a soft brush. Better yet, you can use the vacuum’s crevice attachments to suck in as much pet hair as possible. 

To make it even more effective, you can add ½ cup of white vinegar to 3 cups of hot water, do more scrubbing, and run a wash cycle followed by a rinsing one. 

Finally, you can wipe the machine dry to remove any pet hair residues and prevent the growth of molds.

Clean the Dryer

Just like the washer, the dryer also needs regular deep cleaning. Doing this once a month will be sufficient to remove any hair build-up within the dryer lint trap and the dryer drum in general. 

Crevice attachment on a vacuum cleaner also helps suck out pet hair from crevices. But do not forget to check out the manufacturer’s dryer care instructions to avoid fire accident risk or spoiling it.

Use Special Furniture and Bed Covers

Pet hair tends to stick more to some fabrics than others. To avoid this, cover with furniture covers or bed covers that hair does not cling on. 

That way, it is easy to collect and dispose of the collected hair regularly and, if possible, wash the covers.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Washing Machine for Pet Hair

To buy the best washing machine for pets’ hair, you have to gauge its performance using various parameters. The more parameters the machine ticks on the checklist, the better it is. Here are a few to consider.

Is It Front Load or Top Load?

This should be the starting point in your shopping for the best washer. Whether you opt for the top load or front load depends on your washer preferences, as each has its benefits and downsides. 

In general, front loads perform better in laundry washing, but they also tend to be more expensive. But top loads also have their benefits, including a more accessible loading position and the ability to presoak clothes.


Capacity is about the load size the washer can take at a time. This varies with washer types and brands. Capacity is measured in cubic feet and can range from 1.0 to 6.0cubic feet. 

To get the desired washer capacity, you need to understand your washing needs. For large family laundry, it is advisable to buy large washers from 4 cubic feet and above.

Energy Consumption

No one wants an electric power guzzler washer. That is why it is critical to compare models and brands before picking out your washing machine. 

9 Steps to HALVE Laundry Costs (How I Save $150 Yearly)
Here is my 9-step guide on how to save money when doing laundry.

The best thing is to look for Energy Star Certification, which is a guarantee of low energy consumption in a washer. On average such machines consume up to 20% less energy.


If you do not wish to wake up everyone in the neighborhood as you do your laundry at night, this is something you’ve to look out for. Some washing machines can be pretty noisy, especially in the rinsing cycles. 

Luckily there are quieter brands and models you can choose for a quieter washing session. Look out for the decibel ratings(dB), with the ideal dB rating ranging from 74-77dB. 

Other indicators include descriptive words like ‘quiet technology’ or ‘low vibration’ in their specifications.

Available Settings

The setting is a critical aspect to consider in a washing machine. The more programs the washing machine has, the wider the washing options to cater to your washing needs. 

However, do not be led down the rabbit hole in pursuit of programs in your washer. Only consider what takes care of your washing needs. 

One of the most important ones to consider in a machine for removing pet hair is steam and rinse cycles. This will determine how effectively you get rid of pet hair by using the steaming options and rinsing them out.

Smart Features

If you love smart gadgets, this is definitely another important parameter to consider. Look for a washing machine that allows for interconnection with other gadgets in your home. 

For example, you can remotely control the washing machine for flexibility in various aspects, such as starting time and controlling washing cycles, all within your smartphone. 

Others include interconnectivity with the home control system such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Material Is Most Resistant to Pet Hair?

Leather is one of the most resistant to pet hair and is most recommended for people facing pet hair problems around their homes. 

Though more expensive, it is easier to clean as all you have to do is just brush it off since it can’t stick into the fabric. Furthermore, it is easier to vacuum and restore it faster. 

Others include spandex and synthetic fabrics.

Can a Dryer Remove Pet Hair?

A dryer can help in removing pet hair from clothes. To do this, simply set the dryer on a tumble cycle for approximately 10 minutes with no heat. This motion will loosen the fabric to release the pet’s air. 

Finally, remove the cloth and shake it before washing it on a steam setting to remove any pet hair residues.

Can Pet Hair Damage a Washing Machine?

Pet hair can damage the washing machine. However, this only happens if it is poorly maintained. Ensure to give your washer a deep cleaning once in a while to keep it in good condition. 

Also, ensure to use washers with the right programs for pet hair removal. Alternatively, you can use the measures we have discussed above to ensure less hair contamination on clothes.


Pet hair can be a big issue with your laundry if you do not know how to deal with it. But as we’ve seen, there are washing machines designed with programs that help with pet hair removal. 

Besides, you can take some measures to reduce the pet hair problem before washing them. Hopefully, after buying any of the washing machines we’ve reviewed above and also following the tips, the pet hair troubles in your washing will be a thing of the past. 

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