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6 Ways to Hide Hairy Legs (For Every Situation)

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Hairy legs do not have the same stigma as decades ago. Back then, every woman considered it her duty to shave her legs to look her best.

Otherwise, she risked drawing stares and indignant looks from people of all genders. While this is not the situation at all anymore, it can still be nice to hide those unshaven legs at times.

You can hide hairy legs with opaque tights, long dresses, capris, yoga pants, short skirts with thigh-high socks, Long John’s, stretchy pants, or ribbed tights. 

If you have hair on your legs and you’re comfortable with it but don’t think that others will be, then you need to get creative about hiding it.

Read more to find out the best ways to hide hairy legs for every situation.

6 Ways to Hide Hairy Legs (For Every Situation)

While I’m the first to admit that every woman has the right to do whatever she pleases with her body, there are situations where hairy legs might be a put-off.

Just as it’s not acceptable for a guy to wear shorts and a T-shirt to a formal event, strawberry legs on a woman can cramp her style considerably.

Even if you’re comfortable with those hairy legs and don’t care what others think about them, you can’t deny the fact that all that hair on your legs would steal the show and upstage anything you’re wearing. 

People won’t admire your dress or hairdo or the designer shoes you spent half a month’s salary on. Not at all.

Those few hairs on the legs become the focus of attention and the trigger of whisperings.

So let’s put the whole matter to rest and find out how you can hide those hairy legs before they shake the foundations of social decorum and cause the righteous to lose their minds on social media.

1. Opaque Tights

Tights are a girl’s best friend. They keep you warm, fit snugly around your legs, and hide any blemishes or imperfections on the legs.

So what’s not to like about them?

Moreover, if you’re self-conscious about showing off your legs in tights, you can wear a long dress or a long skirt to show as much or as little of your legs as you want. This is especially true if you’re wearing tights to work in a formal dress code workplace.

But tights also come in handy when you want to hide the few hairs that challenge the social norms in the community and insist on standing out. Here, you’d want opaque tights to cover every last trace of those hairs and keep the social fabric intact.

The advantage of opaque tights is that they can go with just about anything you put on. A summer dress, a short and tight skirt, A long and flowing skirt, an A-dress, or even shorts. 

If you don’t like opaque tights and prefer something brighter, then I recommend ribbed tights. They can hide hair on the legs no matter how thick.

2. Long Dresses

A long dress is the answer to everything from unshapely legs to oversized ankles and large feet. Any time you feel self-conscious about your bottom half, a long dress comes to the rescue.

Long dresses are more about just hiding parts of you that you wouldn’t want others to see.

They are also quite comfortable and give you freedom of movement without worrying about observing eyes seeing something they shouldn’t. You can bend, jump, or walk briskly with ease in a long dress.

And when it comes to hiding hairy legs, a long dress delivers in spades. It keeps the hair on the thighs and shins covered without constricting your legs or squeezing them the way tights or skinny jeans do.

Additionally, you can find long dresses that suit your style and preferences. A long dress doesn’t have to cover your toes. It can go anywhere from below the knees to just above the ankles. 

But what if you have hair on your shins? That’s where socks come in. Dark socks will take care of any leg hair that peeks from under the hem of the long dress.

3. Tall Boots

Boots are an elegant addition to your wardrobe. They work in all seasons, and you can wear them to a formal event as well as to a casual get-together without looking out of place or coming off as overdressed.

But for the sake of our discussion here of how to hide hair on the legs, you’ll need more than the usual boots that barely go above the ankles. You need tall boots.

Tall boots are defined as boots that go anywhere from above the knees to mid-thighs. Of course, the taller the boots, the better.

Why? Because tall boots allow you more options when it comes to wearing bottoms. 

You can wear short skirts with tall boots and look classy and elegant. The same applies to short dresses, short shorts, and even flowing skirts that might hike up on your legs on a windy day. 

In short, tall boots give you the peace of mind you need when you’re out. No amount of leg hair will bother you when you’re wearing boots.

I also have a guide on keeping your boots from falling down that may interest you to read.

4. Fishnets

Fishnets are daring. I get it. They’re not for everyone.

Some women find them sexy and liberating, while others consider them trashy. Where you stand on the issue of fishnets might help or hinder your efforts to hide leg hair.

Not all occasions or weather conditions call for tights. And sometimes you just want to feel fresh air on your legs.

Not every time you want to go out; you would have to hide your hairy legs like they were something to be ashamed of. 

The key to pulling it off is to choose fishnets with skin tones. Unless the hair is too dark, then a fishnet of similar color to the hair on your legs would work just fine.

And just like tights, you can wear anything you’re comfortable with over the fishnets. If you’re not happy with how you look in them, then just put on an A-dress or an A-skirt and cover as much of your legs as you want. 

But if it’s a sunny day and you want to enjoy the warm sun, then short shorts will make you feel like the prom queen without all the constraints of one.

5. Yoga Pants

Yoga pants have left the yoga classes and have become mainstream.

Gone are the days when you only put on a pair of skimpy yoga pants on your way to yoga class. Now you can wear them when you go shopping, for brunch with friends, or even for a cookout at the neighbor’s place.

In short, yoga pants are quite popular for all casual occasions where you don’t have to dress up. What’s especially intriguing about yoga pants is the way they hug the thighs while hiding any traces of hair there.

The drawback is that yoga pants can be uncomfortable in hot weather when you spend hours outdoors. So I recommend you keep them for the fall and winter outings. 

Also, you may want to check out my guide on hiding your camel toe, as yoga pants are very prone to showing it off to the world if you’re not careful.

6. Long Johns

Long Johns go back to the 19th century when a famous boxer named John L. Sullivan used to wear them in the ring. During the last decade of the last century, Long Johns became a thing.

They were considered thermal underwear with long pants and long sleeves. They kept you warm in the coldest of winters.

Although Long Johns are no longer fashionable, they still remain practical.

And when it comes to hiding hair on the legs, you couldn’t go wrong with Long Johns, especially when it’s too cold out there for fishnets, tights, or even yoga pants.

Of course, you won’t have to put it on the top of the Long Johns. Unless, of course, you have hairy arms that you’d want to cover.

But for the most part, it’s the pants that you care about. Long Johns have a fuzzy lining that gives them an extra thickness making them an excellent choice for the winter.

Ways Hide Hairy Legs in Every Situation

It’s obvious from all the options you have to hide hairy legs with clothes that you can just about go out any time of the year and enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about a few hairs on your legs. 

But sometimes you would feel discouraged to go out because you’re not happy with the way hair looks on your legs.

So let’s go through the various situations where you would need to hide hairy legs and how to do it.

Out and About

Going out is not only desired but also important for your mental health. And there are many reasons you’d want to go out.

Maybe you go to the office every day, or you go to the gym. Maybe you have night classes, yoga classes, or you meet your friends for a drink at the end of a long day.

You can scroll up and find something suitable to wear to hide the hair on your legs.

Tights are by far my favorite recommendation. They hug your legs and go under anything you wear without being too intrusive or bulgy. 

Next, you can try long dresses. Of course, if you’re going to the office and the dress code requires pants, then the problem is solved. Long pants will hide all traces of leg hair.

On the Beach

Admittedly going to the beach can be challenging, especially with your winter body. Now imagine how difficult that would be when you also have hairy legs to hide. 

But don’t let a little thing such as a few hairs on your legs keep you from enjoying the beach. You can wear a see-through skirt which wouldn’t make you stand out on the beach.

Most likely, you have put on one of those thin skirts on the beach before.

At the Pool

The swimming pool is another place where you have to think about what to wear to cover your hairy legs.

And what you choose as attire depends on what type of pool it is. If it’s a community pool, then you’ll have to treat it like a public beach and wear a flimsy skirt.

If it’s a private pool and you’re among friends and family, then you can wear shorts on top of the swimsuit. 


Summer is the season of the outdoors. You spend hours enjoying the sun and nature, preferably in little clothes. This is the time to bring out your fishnets and shorts or fishnet and short skirt.

Tights also do well in the summer as long as you don’t spend a lot of time under the sun.


Winter calls for bundling up. It’s the perfect excuse to keep hairy legs under many layers of clothing.

Long Johns are the ideal attire for the cold winters. 

Should You Shave Your Hairy Legs?

Whether you call it hairy legs or strawberry legs, it all comes down to your personal preferences.

Some women go about life totally oblivious to the fine hair growing on their legs. It doesn’t keep them up at night, and it won’t send them to the nearest drug store looking for a hair removal solution. 

This is the twenty-first century, and what wasn’t acceptable a few years back has become the norm these days.

So if you’re fine with the down on your legs and it doesn’t bother you in the least, then you shouldn’t worry about shaving it. 

Even if the hair on the legs is more than down, if it has texture and a different color than your skin’s, that shouldn’t be the reason you’d want to shave it.

After all, some men have coarse hair on their legs, and they walk around parading it and feeling proud of the thick jungle of hair coating their thighs and shins.

If it’s good for one gender, then it’s good for the others.

Whether you’re a woman, man, trans, or non-binary, you have total control over your body, and nobody has the right to judge you over a few hairs on your legs. 


Hairy legs shouldn’t come in the way of you enjoying your life fully. Tights, fishnets, long dresses, and yoga pants are your best ways to keep hairy legs covered while looking your best all year round.

Next, you can check out this comprehensive guide I wrote on hiding other parts of your body that you may not be comfortable showing either.


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