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Rinse and Spin on Washing Machines: A Complete Guide

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With modern washers equipped with a variety of washing cycle programs, users are spoilt for choice. Nowadays, there is a wash cycle setting for every user’s needs and preferences. 

Rinse and spin is one of the settings that are common in almost all washing machines. But perhaps, you might have hesitated from using it for one reason or another, including not knowing how it works. 

This article will discuss everything you need to know about it, what it is, how to use it, and more.

What Is the Rinse and Spin Cycle?

Rinse and spin is as straightforward as it sounds; rinse the load and spin it. It is not envisaged to be a deep-cleaning cycle, so no detergent is required. 

Water flows into the drum, and clothes are agitated to rinse before they are spun at high speeds to remove a large part of the moisture to make the drying process easier.

When to Use Rinse and Spin Cycles

Washing Machine's Rinse and Spin Explained (When to use it)
Video explanation on how to use the rinse and spin cycle.

Before proceeding, note you do not need hot water for this cycle. Change in rinse water temperatures has little, if any, on the quality of the wash results. 

Using cold water is even preferable as you incur lower utility bills. 

Here are a few situations you will need to use this setting.

Spinning Hand-Washed Clothes

Sometimes you might want to hand wash clothes and rinse and spin with the washer for several reasons. For instance, some delicate clothes might require hand washing for specific attention.  

Other reasons could be to avoid using the washing machine and save on utility bills. All you have to do is hand wash but put in the washer to rinse and spin using this program. 

Clothes Accidentally Got Wet

Maybe you accidentally dropped a clean garment in a water basin or got rained on in your freshly washed clothes. In that case, you do not have to deeply wash the clothes again. 

That is when the rinse and spin might save you from your anguish. Just toss it into the washer drum, set the rinse, and spin, and the clothes will be freshened and dried faster.

Alternatively, you could also check out my guide on how to dry clothes fast where I share really effective tricks you can use even without a washer.

When Removing Stains

Many times, we just want to treat a stain spot and not wash the entire piece of clothing. With this program, you can do the usual stain spot pretreatment process and load the item into the washer. 

Run the rinse and spin setting to rinse off the stain spot, and spin the clothing before drying.

To Remove Detergent Residues

Often the first rinse cycle may not be sufficient. You might wash and rinse and later realize detergent residues have not been removed. You can use this program to clear the residues.

Detergent residues can be a huge problem, especially for people allergic to detergent residues on clothes.

Hasten Drying During the Rainy Season

If you live in areas with wet climates for the most part of the year, this setting can be pretty valuable. I know you could use the dryer, but still, you have got to watch out for power bills, as the dryer consumes more power than spinning. 

So it would make more common sense to spin and air-dry them thoroughly.

When Not to Use Rinse and Spin Setting

This is a great wash program setting. However, using it is not universally accepted for every washing need.

Below are a few situations you might want to avoid using it.

Rinsing Delicates

Not all fabrics are compatible with this setting. For instance, some delicate requires to be spun at low speeds or not to be spun at all. 

Some delicate clothes, such as silk, lingeries, and embroideries, require hand washing and rinsing to avoid stretching, creasing, or tearing.

When Saving on Power Costs

Rising and spinning clothes add to utility bill costs. So if you’re keen on cutting down on power costs, this program might not work for you. 

Probably, you might opt for hand washing, rinsing, and drying. Others prefer this method to hasten the drying period, but if you live in climatic zones with long sunshine periods, you can skip it.

What is Spin Only?

Spin only is a setting on its own and is designed to reduce the moisture level of rinsed clothes. To use it, have the clothes you want to spin in the washer drum, set the spin speeds, and run the spin cycle. 

Spins can also be classified based on speeds which include the following.

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Extra high

The speed classification is quite helpful when you’re washing different types of fabrics. 

For example, for delicates such as activewear, silk, etc., you require low to medium speeds to prevent them from getting tangled and stretched. 

And when it comes to heavy fabrics such as types of denim, towels, and bathrobes, you have the high and the extra high options.

How Long Does Rinse and Spin Take?

This depends on several factors. For instance, it can take longer to spin denim or a towel than it could to spin silk. This is because some types of fabric hold more water than others. 

The other factor is the spin speeds. Remember, the higher the spin speed, the shorter it takes to remove moisture. 

Not to mention the load size, with larger loads taking longer to spin. Overall, spins can be quick, lasting a few minutes to as many as 45 minutes.

Do You Need Detergent in the Rinse and Spin Cycle?

No detergent is required in this cycle. Add detergent will leave detergent residues in the wash, making rinsing ineffective. 

However, you can take this opportunity to add other additives if you wish. For example, you can add fabric softeners or fragrances for your desired effect.

Why Is the Washing Machine Not Rinsing Properly?

If the washer is not rinsing properly, this could be due to several reasons, which include the following.

  • Lint residues build up in the washing machine
  • Not having enough water in the washer, or slow running of the washer due to a low power supply
  • The washer not working properly

Final Thoughts

Rinse and spin is one of the excellent wash programs that you can use to improve your laundry quality. As we’ve found out above, it has lots of benefits, but in some instances avoid using it too. 

But overall, the benefits of the program outweighs its downsides. So it’s time you started using the rinse and spin with confidence to improve your laundry skills!

I’ve created a comprehensive guide on how to use all the settings on your washing machine that may interest you to read next.

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