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How to STOP Underwear From Riding Up (Permanent Solutions)

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We all know that familiar feeling of having our underwear bunched up uncomfortably around our butt-cheeks.

It is not socially acceptable to start tugging at your undies to drag them down while in company, so one either has to endure the wedgie or wait until everyone is distracted to quickly tug them down.

There are some practical ways you can avoid this unfortunate scenario from occurring.

There are several things you can do to stop your underwear from riding up:

  1. Get rid of worn-out undies
  2. Make sure your undies fit
  3. Change the style
  4. Check the fabric
  5. Check the elastic waist
  6. Wear the right undies for the activity
  7. Pull your undies on with pants
  8. Wear loose-fitting clothes

In our busy lives, having undies running in direct opposition to the earth’s gravity is a niggly problem. 

There are some practical solutions that you can try to stop your undies from riding up. 

We have some great suggestions that will soon have you striding confidently around without ever getting your knickers in a knot! 

Why Does Underwear Ride Up?

Underwear riding up under a pair of pants.

When we slip into our favorite panties or boxers, they feel perfect, so why do they begin to join forces with our butt cheeks and become wedged together?

To understand what we can do to stop this universal underwear-wearers challenge, we need to know why underwear rides up.

The thing that makes undies ride up is that they are fitted to a part of your body that is moving at different times as you move.

On top of that, there is a perfect gap between our butt-cheeks available to collect any excess fabric. 

As we stride forward, if our undies aren’t adequately anchored on our bottom, they will be continuously be getting pushed into a wedgie position.

Besides remaining stationary throughout the day, the movement that can cause our underwear to ride up is unavoidable. 

There are several reasons that underwear may ride up, but most of these are related to the style, size, or fabric from which the undies are made.

Loose material around our bottoms needs someplace to go as we move, and there is one space available where it can gather up perfectly. A perfect wedgie is born!

The cut of the undies is also going to affect whether or not it rides up.

Ladies’ panties are particularly susceptible to riding up if cut too narrow on the back like some bikini-style undies.

However, the overall fit of any style of undies will affect if it rides up or not. 

Here are 8 methods that you can try to stop your underwear from riding up.

1. Stop Underwear From Riding Up By Doing A Clean Out

This pair of undies is stretched out around the tighs making it ride up a lot faster. It’s time to throw it out.

We all have an underwear drawer that contains some relics from the past that should have been replaced a long time ago.

Our favorite old undies are like trusty friends. They are familiar and comfortable, and we are often reluctant to give them up.

Like it or not, our undies have a shelf-life.

In general, underwear that is worn regularly should be replaced every 6 – 12 months.

This may seem like a really short lifespan for our dear friends, but if you go and have an objective look into the depths of your underwear drawer, you will see what I mean. 

Our most comfy pair of undies that we select first each time it comes out of the laundry is bound to start showing signs of wear and tear in quite a short space of time.

The moment undies begin to lose their elasticity or stretch, the chances that they will start to ride up will increase.

But how will you know when it’s time to bid farewell to your favorite underwear? The best thing is to make time to do a careful audit of what’s in your underwear drawer.

I like to think about if I am in an emergency and a stranger is dispatched to pack a bag to bring to me. What would they find in the drawer?

That makes it a lot easier to decide what can stay and what needs to go!

Remove anything from your drawer that has the following basic underwear violations:

  • Any underwear that has holes
  • Any underwear that has rips
  • Any underwear that is strained
  • Any underwear that is stretched
  • Any underwear which has a tired waistband
  • Any underwear that no longer fits your body shape
Time to get rid of this pair of undies.

Although small holes, rips, and stains will not be a significant factor in the wedgie problem, if you are doing a drawer upgrade, then do a proper job.

Make your undies selection something you can be consistently proud of. 

Old underwear that has stretched, got perished elastic, or is ill-fitting will be definite contributors to the riding-up issue.

They should be discarded immediately.

If you really can’t bear to part with a couple of pairs, put them in the back of the drawer and designate them for quiet Netflix and chill days at home when adjusting your underwear does not need to be a convert operation. 

Spacious Dresser Drawers in 15 Minutes
Here is a video I did a while back on how to clean out your old underwear and socks.

2. Stop Underwear From Riding Up By Checking the Size

Your outsize undies may be super comfortable, but if they are too big and don’t cling securely to your butt cheeks, you can expect them to ride up.

The extra loose fabric that is being pushed up and back as you move needs to go somewhere. The only available space is either to sag down (which can be even more horrific than a wedgie if you are wearing a tight outfit) or to ride up.

XL underwear.

To be comfortable and not ride up, underwear needs to fit perfectly. It is sometimes difficult to purchase perfectly sized underwear because these are not items that cant be tried on before they are purchased. 

If you don’t want to carry a measuring tape into the store with you, be guided by the size of a pair of existing comfortable underwear.

Then buy just one in case of any size variations between brands. If the new undies are a perfect size, then return and purchase more.

In life, there are times when we put on a few pounds, or we work out, and our bottoms may become leaner.

Pregnancy will also dramatically alter the body shape that your underwear needs to fit comfortably.

Ensuring that you have underwear that fits your body snuggly without being too tight will prevent it from riding up.

I also wrote a guide on stopping your pants from riding up that might interest you.

3. Stop Underwear From Riding Up By Changing The Style

Long boxer briefs and (boyshorts for women) are great as they usually don’t ride up if they are the right size.

If you find that even though your underwear fits perfectly, it is still prone to riding up, then it might be the style that’s the problem. Some cuts are more likely to ride up than others.

When selecting a style of underwear that may be more stable, also consider the shape of your bottom.

For example, if you have round defined butt cheeks, a bikini cut panty will be more likely to ride up than on flatter buttocks. Knowing what underwear styles are available is essential before you go shopping. 

For men who are having problems with underwear riding up, boxer briefs are a good option if they are sized correctly. 

Select a style with a higher waistband that will remain above your trouser line and won’t slip down to add fabric to the problem area.

Once you have found a style of underwear that doesn’t ride up, stay consistent. You can create variety by changing up colors or fabrics.

Many kinds have options available with embellishments like lace detailing or ribbons. Stick to a comfortable, wedgie-free type of underwear and add variation by trying other brands.

Steer clear of reverting to the style that was riding up, and you may forget the days of quickly releasing your undies from your butt cheeks.

Best Boxer Briefs for Men: Merino Wool vs Bamboo vs ExOfficio v Cotton
Here are some of my personal favorite boxer briefs for men. In this video, I talk a lot about what fabrics you should go for as well.

4. Stop Underwear From Riding Up By Checking The Fabric

The fabric of your underwear should be soft, lightweight, and breathable. These are non-negotiables when it comes to keeping our nethers both comfortable and at the same time healthy.

But to stop underwear from riding up, it also needs to be relatively thick and stretchy to hug our curves securely. 

Underwear is made from a wide variety of fabrics. Cotton has always been a popular choice, but more recently, other organic fibers such as hemp and bamboo have provided more options. 

Whatever fabric you decide on, ensure that there is enough elasticity to keep it comfortably fitted against your skin without squeezing.

The material should also be thick enough that there is no chance of it bunching up and rolling towards the center of your bottom. 

5. Stop Underwear From Riding Up By Checking The Waistband

Slightly stretched out waistband.

Even if your underwear is the correct size and a suitable cut, you might find yourself slipping back into wedgie territory if the waistband can’t keep the whole garment anchored. 

The elastic waistbands on underwear are often the first thing to perish. The constant expansion required to get our legs in finally takes its toll.

If your underwear no longer has any grip around your waist, the fabric below it, which needs support to stay in position, will no longer be held firmly in place.

This can result in looseness of the garment, and we know that looseness can lead to the riding-up phenomena that everyone wants to avoid. 

So go through your underwear and check that the elastic waistbands are still stretchy enough to keep your underwear from slipping down and riding up. 

6. Stop Underwear From Riding Up By Choosing For Your Moves

Tor Rydder’s sports underwear.

If you lead an active lifestyle that incorporates highly physical activities like gym or cycling, you might find that the underwear style you selected for office day use rides up when you step on the treadmill. 

Fortunately, there are specialized types of underwear for everything from running to aerobics, so it is good to invest in a few pairs for these activities.

Besides offering a more secure fit that is less likely to ride up, the fabric is usually moisture-wicking and extra lightweight to keep things cool and airy as you sweat. 

My favorite is ExOfficios Boxer Briefs (Amazon paid link)

7. Stop Underwear From Riding Up By Putting Them On Right

Make sure that your pants and underwear are lined up nicely.

When we get dressed quickly, we may occasionally pull our undies on too high, to begin with, which will, of course, lead to them rising further as we move.

Before you add your outer layer of clothing while you are still in the privacy of your own home, take a moment to place your underwear in a comfortable position mindfully. 

If you wear boxers with trousers and find the garment rides up, you can try a simple trick that may prevent this. 

  • Instead of putting on your boxers and then pulling on your pants, insert the boxer briefs into the pants. 
  • Line up the waistbands and push the boxers into your pants until they lie flush against the inside of the trousers – almost like they are part of the pants. 
  • Then pull the whole pants and undies combination on as one unit. 

If your underwear fits well, this method of putting your pants on should keep your underwear from riding up. 

8. Stop Underwear From Riding Up By Wearing Loose Clothes

Loose-fitting pants are great as they don’t pull on your underwear much.

Your underwear may ride up less if you don’t wear tight-fitting clothes over them.

Any garment that fits snuggly around the crotch area, like skinny jeans, is more likely to cause wedgies than loose, flowing outfits.

So before you blame your underwear for riding up, take a look at what you are wearing and see if it isn’t perhaps the pants you are wearing that are forcing your underwear to bunch.


Keeping our underwear comfortably in place as we move around during our daily activities is often a challenge.

There are several things you should try to prevent needing to constantly re-adjust your undies. By paying attention to the condition, fit, fabric, and style of your undies, unhooking wedgies may become a thing of the past. 

I have created a comprehensive guide on stopping all your clothes from riding up that may interest you to read next.

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